LG Cloud another multiplatform cloud storage service

first_imgIn a world of homogenous smartphones and tablets, there’s one feature that is slowly but surely coming along for a ride on the bandwagon. It’s cloud storage, and just about every Android smartphone OEM is working on their own implementation of Apple’s iCloud service. Up next: LG, who have revealed some details about their new service called — you guessed it — LG Cloud.Media storage is just the beginning for the service says LG. What makes LG Cloud different is that media transcoding and stream processing is handled by the company’s server back-end — not by the device you’re streaming content to, presumably an LG phone, tablet, or connected TV or Blu-ray player. As you’d expect from the company that built the Optimus 3D (along with countless 3D-capable televisions), LG Cloud is fully equipped to handle your 3D media.Initially, LG is offering up a Windows client and an Android app. Like every other cloud storage app out there, LG’s desktop app can synchronize folders — and it looks like you’ll be given 2GB for a free account. Anyone can register, and you don’t need to have an LG device to use the service. There’s also a web-based interface that you can pull up in any browser to manage or view your files online. However, despite LG’s talk of server-driven transcoding and streaming, clicking a file merely initiates a download — there’s currently to way no play back files within your browser.LG has said that paid storage options will be available when LG Cloud exits beta, but they’ve yet to reveal pricing details. They’ll need to be competitive with Microsoft and Google on the scene now. While LG loyalists may be interested in checking out the new cloud service, most users can probably give it a miss. Chances are you’d be better off signing on with Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Dropbox and getting truly cross-platform access to your files and a rich network of third-party apps with API access — something LG Cloud probably won’t ever boast.More at LG [PDF] and The Vergelast_img read more

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