Director of Research and Evaluation

first_imgFounded in 1999 by Susan A. Buffett, The SherwoodFoundation seeks to promote equity through social justiceinitiatives, enhancing the quality of life in Nebraska. TheSherwood Foundation’s work is grounded in a belief that socialjustice is the proactive reinforcement of policies, practices,attitudes, and actions that all produce equitable power, access,opportunities, treatment, impacts, and outcomes for all. In serviceof continuing to build a culture of continuous learning andimprovement in support of social change, The Sherwood Foundationseeks a new Director of Research and Evaluation toenable deeper understanding of the impact of their grantmaking anddrive shifts in strategy based on that learning. The SherwoodFoundation has developed a distinctive organizational culture builton trust, humility, and integrity, where team members are empoweredto lead and create, ensuring that it is aligned with donorintent.As proud stewards of the progressive vision of a living donor,the Foundation has cultivated an organizational culture grounded intrust, tolerance for risk and willingness to act boldly, and abalance of independence and accountability to the founder’s vision.Building on a proud legacy of supporting bold, community-embeddedand centered change, the Foundation seeks a Director of Researchand Evaluation to better understand and transform the impact oftheir grantmaking in the state of Nebraska. The new Director willbe engaged to serve as internal evaluation and capacity buildingcounsel to program teams; partner with program leads to createshared ownership of evaluations; and foster an internal culture oflearning.Ideal candidates for the Director role will bring a strongunderstanding of both qualitative and quantitative evaluationmethods and practices, and experience working flexibly with programteams to identify and deploy evaluation processes aimed atusability and learning; at least ten years of experience in anonprofit organization, foundation, or research institution; andhigh emotional intelligence with the ability to provide nuancedsupport to team members on issues that may be challenges or pointsof opportunity. S/he/they will bring an engaging, accessible, andflexible style that builds trust and confidence across diverse teamcultures and priorities and will be a natural collaborator with aservice orientation and ability to listen and deftly influence andguide individuals and teams.Strong candidates for the role will bring many of the followingexperiences, skills, and attributes:A strong understanding of both qualitative and quantitativeevaluation methods and practices, and experience working flexiblywith program teams to identify and deploy evaluation processesaimed at usability and learning.At least ten years of experience in a nonprofit organization,foundation, or research institution. A PhD in research andevaluation is strongly preferred.Experience developing theories of change and logic models,along with facilitation skills to frame hypotheses.Creativity with an appreciation for complexity and non-linearthinking.An independent self-starter that thrives in a flexibleenvironment.High emotional intelligence with the ability to provide nuancedsupport to team members on issues that may be challenges or pointsof opportunity. An engaging, accessible, and flexible style thatbuilds trust and confidence across diverse team cultures andpriorities. A natural collaborator with a service orientation andability to listen and deftly influence and guide individuals andteams.Superior written and verbal communications skills. A compellingstoryteller who can frame information in ways that are accessibleto all.Ability to embody intentionality around learning and a talentfor crafting thoughtful and strategic questions. A curiousdisposition motivated by the internal drive to understand anduntangle complex issues.Commitment to the Foundation’s core values with a steadfastcommitment to social justice.For the full position description and to apply, pleasevisit: information about The Sherwood Foundationmay be found at: https://sherwoodfoundation.orgThis search is being led by AllisonKupfer Poteet and Cara Pearsall of NPAG. Due to the pace of this search,candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.Candidates may submit their cover letter, outlining their interestand qualifications, along with their resume via NPAG’s candidate portal.Cultivating a diverse and inclusive team is an essentialcomponent of The Sherwood Foundation’s commitment to advanceequity. Candidates of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged toapply.last_img