Watch Courtney Love Sing Opera In Debut Video

first_imgCourtney Love is set to perform in Kansas City Choir Boy, a pop opera that will run from January 8-17 at the Prototype Festival in New York. In advance of that showcase, the New York Times has debuted a video of Love preparing for the role, singing the song “All I Ever Wanted.”In it, we see Love accompanied by cello and piano, delivering raspy vocals with passion. The play features Love as the character Athena, who abandons her high-school sweetheart in the Midwest for the fame and allure of the big city. Love said that musical theatre was something she always wanted to try, as she found her rock career stale, and the role seemed to suit her.“I got to that part where I’m looking down at the set list going, really, ‘Malibu’ next?,” Love said about a recent solo gig. “Are we halfway done yet? And when that happens in rock and roll, it’s like, O.K., I’ve got to look at something else. Because I’m not loving this. I’m not in the moment. Forget persona, forget who’s new and who’s old, your mojo is your mojo. This is giving me real mojo and challenges that hopefully aren’t too hard.”last_img