@nascarcasm and Steve Luvender’s Twitter advanced search scavenger hunt

first_imgWhat is your favorite thing to do on Twitter?You’re probably saying to yourself, “Correcting people’s grammar in order to give myself an air of superiority.” The correct answer should have been, “Searching for old, bizarre tweets from NASCAR drivers.”Oh, there are some great ones.You see, like you and I, drivers had to learn Twitter, and the learning process provided some really good, head-scratching tweets. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you a chance to sift through them yourself.Introducing the NASCAR Twitter Advanced Search Scavenger Hunt. It’s very simple.• Access Twitter’s advanced search feature here -> https://twitter.com/search-advanced• Using the various search fields, see if you can track down the following tweetsFind a tweet that covers each of the following:• A one-word tweet from any driver• A tweet from a driver that did not age well• A tweet from a young driver experiencing issues in the airplane restroom due to turbulence• An old tweet from Landon Cassill where he sounds especially emo• A tweet from a driver complaining about his wife’s snoring• A tweet from a now part-time driver throwing vicious shade at a certain football team from Chicago• A tweet with a picture taken from inside the race car that isn’t from Brad Keselowski• A tweet from a young driver that screams “I AM A MILLENNIAL”• A tweet from a driver that is badly ratio’d• A tweet from a driver that literally makes no sense whatsoever• A tweet that was obviously sent by their PR person but not marked with “-PR”• Obvious pocket tweet that was never deleted• A tweet where a driver is humblebragging about backstage passes or some other form of VIP treatment• A tweet where the driver is desperately asking followers for some form of technical support• A tweet from Dale Jr. that is more than one day old that has fewer than 500 likes.Once you find them, take a screenshot and send them to us on Twitter.Happy searching!last_img