3T Discus Plus carbon gravel road bike wheels get wider, lighter

first_imgClaimed weight is ~1440g, +/-15g depending on which axle and freehub body configuration you choose. That’s 200g lighter than the C28 thanks to new rim construction and shaping. The original was overbuilt and less optimized, using existing 650B mountain bike rim tech. This one reduces total material since it doesn’t need to be as robust as a mountain bike wheel. The alloy version stays the same, which we saw alongside an early version of this wheel at Taipei in March.Since then, they’ve finalized price ($1,900) and availability (July 2017). Available only for 650B tires, they measure 30mm deep and 36mm wide outside, 30mm internal.3Tcycling.com When 3T launched their new Strada aero road bike with a 1x drivetrain and disc brakes, it marked more than just Vroomen’s reentry to frame design. It marked a decision inside the walls of 3T that they would only work on interesting products. We get the impression there’s more to come, though it may trickle out as inspiration hits, but to start, all of their disc brake wheels are now tubeless ready.That, and the next generation of the Discus Plus C30W they showed at Eurobike gets wider, measuring 30mm internal, up from 28mm. The idea is to reduce tire squirm on harder surfaces, like when you have to corner a large 47mm wide tire on the pavement…last_img