How the weather affects us

first_imgWired UK:The weather doesn’t just determine if we should be wearing a thick coat or not — it can have profound effects on the way we behave.You’re warmer and colder towards people depending on the weather. In studies, warmer conditions induced: greater social proximity; use of more concrete language; and a more relational focus. (1)People shop more on sunny days: as exposure to sunlight increases, negative effects decrease and consumer spending tends to increase… (2)…And work more when it pours: on rainy days, men shift on average 30 minutes from leisure to work. (3)The weather can affect which university you pick: an increase in cloud cover of one standard deviation on the day of the visit is associated with an increase in the probability of enrolment of nine percentage points. (4)Read the full story: Wired UK More of our Members in the Media >last_img