Croatia achieved growth in all key emission markets

first_imgThe Main Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board hosted a meeting between the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli and the directors of the Croatian National Tourist Board abroad from the Ministry of Tourism, and this was also the first meeting of Minister Cappelli with the directors of the CNTB’s missions. expectations and main goals in the coming years.Thus, the Minister said that Croatia is a tourist destination that achieves good results, but also a destination that still has untapped potential, especially in the form of less developed tourist areas on the sea and the continent, which must be the focus of future activities. “I would like to hear the thoughts of the directors of the representative offices, because we must be open to improving the system. Our goal is to involve the representative offices in the work of the national organization as much as possible, and experience and knowledge from abroad are valuable and worth our weight in gold.”, Stressed Minister Cappelli.”Given the very high capacity utilization during the peak season, next year we must put even more emphasis on the pre- and post-season, or those tourist products that may be the main motives for arrival and generators of stronger tourist traffic in these periods. These are primarily products such as health and congress tourism and nautical. The Ministry of Tourism has a number of planned measures through which we will encourage positive development processes with the aim of achieving the desired qualitative and quantitative steps in the field of tourism product, and we are pleased that the Government of the Republic of Croatia has recognized the importance of the tourism sector. , increased the budget of our ministry, which was increased by 6 percent compared to the funds from this year”, Said Minister Cappelli, adding that he expects a strong contribution from the director of the representative office in achieving the stated goals.Situation in emitting markets                      The working part of the meeting included the reports of the directors of representative offices on the situation in the emitting markets and the expected results of the 2017 season.In Poland, for example, Croatia has become the absolute leader this year as the most visited destination. From the Slovenian market, there was an increase of as much as 16% in overnight stays, while in the Austrian market, Croatia became a more visited destination than, so far the most visited Italy. 7% more overnight stays were realized from Germany, and from the United Kingdom, for the first time, an increase of over 20% was realized, and the same is expected next year, considering the newly announced flights.From Hungary, there was an increase of 10% or more than 2,7 million overnight stays, and in the United States, Croatia is one of the most popular in addition to Cuba and Iceland.emerging “ a destination with 12% growth in overnight stays. Russia also achieved a positive result of 6% after a number of years of decline, and an increase of 5-10% from the Russian market is expected for next year.During the meetings, it was concluded that the current indicators of the upcoming season are currently positive and that the synergy of measures and activities of the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board will certainly further contribute to the smooth running of the season and achieving the desired numerical result. It is also important to note that the CNTB recently published a new edition. “Market profiles” as well as key features of tourist traffic in major emitting markets which are a great source of important information from the market as well as the habits of tourists. Related news:CNTB ANNOUNCES NEW EDITION “MARKET PROFILES” FOR 2016FIND OUT THE KEY FEATURES OF TOURIST TRAFFIC IN MAJOR ISSUING MARKETSCALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS AND HOLIDAYS ON BROADCASTING MARKETS 2017last_img