Public debate on the abolition of the pedestrian zone in Osijek!

first_imgIn Osijek, a public debate will soon begin on the abolition of the pedestrian zone on the section through Kapucinska and across Ante Starčević Square in front of Name to Strossmayerova Street, ie the main square or Osijek’s Korzo.Namely, the Public debate on the proposal for Amendments to the Urban Development Plan of the center of Osijek will be open from Saturday, January 7, 2017. Before the opening of the Public Debate, the citizens of the town on the Drava were already clearly and loudly against the introduction of road traffic in the pedestrian zone, ie that the popular promenade should no longer be a pedestrian zone. “The City of Osijek does not favor any idea, ie it does not directly influence the opinion of citizens whether to take a position on whether the pedestrian zone should be abolished in the center or not, but it is not disputed how we question all possibilities to better regulate traffic. I publicly call on all those who are preparing for any fight against the City to give up on time because we are not forcing anything”Said Mayor Ivica Vrkić on his Facebook.Personally, I think this is a crazy idea, because the trend and need of all major and smart cities in Europe is to close the road, not only from the main squares but as far away from the city center, and not vice versa. However, as we in Croatia in the 21st century want to invest in fossil fuels, by buying the majority of INA shares from the Hungarians, while other countries are turning to green energy, we are rarely surprised by any more news.Photo: Norway will ban all fossil fuel cars in the next 10 years in an effort to become one of the most environmentally progressive nations in the world, the Dutch government is considering introducing an innovative environmental law by which authorities intend to completely ban new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025. From 2030, they want to sell only electric cars to Germany. My suggestion is that with the money planned for the purchase of INA shares, the State bought a stake in Rimac cars, it would certainly be more profitable in the long run.Also, many European cities are plagued by the problem of too much smog, from Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Milan, London to Sarajevo. The use of fossil fuels in transport is detrimental to air quality and climate, I guess the birds on the branches already know that. This is due to CO emissions2 and harmful air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. In addition, road traffic is by far the largest source of noise in Europe. It is clear that the introduction of electric vehicles into the market can significantly reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Road traffic leaves the city center, not the other way around, and certainly the imperative of the future is on electricity, not fossil fuels. These are facts and trends, at least in Europe and the World, and we are constantly going in the wrong direction, no matter how much we want to be a part of that modern world.The public presentation of the plan proposal will be on Thursday, January 12, and information on the public hearing will be available on the city’s website. Osijek, as well as on spatial planning information system.  Citizens of Osijek, wake up and use your democratic right and express your opinion clearly and argumentatively through a public debate.Not on Facebook or over coffee, but at a public hearing.last_img