Papuk received the first accommodation capacities, Camp-rest area Duboka was opened

first_imgCamping resort Duboka, located in the Papuk Nature Park, was ceremoniously opened to receive visitors, and the first to try it out were small football players from NK Velika and NK Čačinci.It is an investment worth 2,8 million kuna including VAT, and was financed through the PARCS project with a grant from the Global Environment Facility, whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Environment and Energy in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Croatia.Camping resort Duboka is located in Velika, on the southern slopes of the Park, and covers an area of ​​8.000 m2 and has a total of 32 accommodation units with a capacity of up to 96 guests. Of that, 11 units are equipped with electrical and plumbing connections for camper vehicles. “Papuk Nature Park annually attracts about 150 to 200 thousand visitors, and all of them stayed in the park, due to lack of accommodation capacity, only one day. That is why we are investing more in this and all other parks than ever before in order to bring protected areas closer to visitors and inform them about natural values ​​and the importance of healthy ecosystems for humans, and help parks raise the level of visitor management and the protected area as a whole.”, Said Igor Kreitmeyer, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Environment and Energy.Special attention during the construction of the camp-rest area was focused on the ecological approach to energy use and pollution prevention. Thus, solar panels for hot water, a biological wastewater treatment plant and a recycling yard for separate waste collection have been installed in the camp. Additionally, instead of asphalt for the base in the camp, a stone aggregate and a binder based on natural resins were used.”During the planning and implementation of the Duboka Camp Resort, special attention was paid to meeting high environmental standards and adapting the space for the disabled, including toilets. In addition to the Camp, last year we completed the energy reconstruction of the PP Papuk building here in Velika, with the aim of achieving a building with almost zero energy consumption. This investment amounted to 1,2 million kuna, and the certification of the building in energy class B shows that it is successful. I believe that these investments will contribute to improving the experience of visitors to the Park.”, Said Valentina Futač, PARCS project manager.In the camp-rest area there is a central service station where the office and reception are located, as well as toilets with running hot and cold drinking water. As the director of the Papuk Nature Park, Alen Jurenac, pointed out, the main goal of building the camp was to provide infrastructure that would serve to educate the local population, ie primarily to maintain multi-day schools in nature. In addition, the Park has not had accommodation capacity so far, so the Camp-rest area on Papuk will attract people who want to spend several days in this part of Croatia. He also reminded of the recently presented UNESCO Geopark Geopark project, worth more than 90 million kuna, which will include the construction of a multimedia Geo-info center in Voćin and an adrenaline park in Velika, as well as a Pannonian Sea house in Velika and a children’s playground.last_img