H1N1 NEWS SCAN: Vaccine situation in South Africa, Chile, Australia

first_imgApr 19, 2010South Africa feels vaccine pinchJust weeks before it hosts the World Cup, South Africa is reporting a shortage of H1N1 vaccine, West Cape News reported today. Doctors and pharmacies have run out of the vaccine, imported from Australia, and say no more is available. The country received 1.3 million doses, which are being used for “front line” port-of-entry workers and certain HIV patients. A further 3.5 million doses donated by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be used on pregnant women and others at high risk.http://westcapenews.com/?p=1387Apr 19 West Cape News storyChile reports low vaccine uptakeHealth officials in Chile are concerned that only 600,000 of a hoped-for 4 million people have received the H1N1 vaccine in a country that saw 300,000 cases and 1,800 hospitalizations last year, The Santiago Times reported. And this year a Feb 27 earthquake destroyed 5,000 hospital beds in the central region. One university faculty member explained that getting the shot early is essential to prevent overloading of hospitals, because immunity takes about 2 weeks to build.http://www.santiagotimes.cl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18635Apr 18 Santiago Times reportAustralian seasonal flu vaccine delayedAustralia’s efforts to get the seasonal influenza vaccine to as many high-risk people as possible have been met with low availability of doses, at least in part because H1N1 vaccine production has taken precedence, according to Australia’s The Morning Bulletin. Health officials are advising patients to get free H1N1 vaccine now, and then a separate seasonal flu shot as soon as it becomes available, which may be in the coming weeks.http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/story/2010/04/19/swine-flu-vaccine-delay-concernApr 19 Morning Bulletin articlelast_img