Peugeot Citroën Signs Agreement with Moroccan Universities to Open First OpenLab…

Rabat– An agreement for the establishment of Peugeot Citroen’s “Openlab” in Morocco was signed Monday in Rabat, at a ceremony attended by Morocco’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the French Ambassador to Morocco, as well as the president of the regional council of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra.PSA Peugeot Citroen signed the agreement with five Moroccan universities and two US universities having campuses in Morocco.This project, which is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the International University of Rabat (UIR), the Mohammed V University and PSA Peugeot Citroën, is the first of its kind in the African continent, the International University of Rabat said in a statement. It will establish the research and development (R&D) arm of PSA’s factory that will be established in the region of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, it added. Besides the International University of Rabat, the Openlab brings together the following partners,  Mohammed V University- Ibn Tofail University, Cadi Ayyad University , Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez (INSA), Georgia Institute of Technology (GeorgiaTech),  Mississippi State University,  Ecole Centrale Casablanca and Institut Lafayette.PSA Peugeot Citroen said in a separate statement that the new OpenLab, dubbed “Sustainable Mobility for Africa”, will engage in a four-year research program to explore sustainable mobility systems with three core focuses: the electric vehicle of the future, renewable energy and the logisticsThe program will leverage PSA Peugeot Citroën’s scientific and professional expertise, the expertise of the partner universities, and a number of technological platforms which will be made available to researchers in Morocco, the statement added.With MAP read more

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Casablanca to Have Administrative Police to Promote Public Safety

Casablanca will have its administrative police in the coming days. Authorities in Morocco’s biggest city will deploy administrative security forces in five districts of  the city to maintain public safety.Moroccan daily Al Massae reported on January 11 that the administrative police will ensure the maintenance of safety, sanitation and compliance with general rules of urban planning and public space.The security forces will be deployed, for a pilot project, in five districts of Casablanca: Anfa, Sidi Belyout, Maarif, Moulay Rachid and Sidi Othmane. The project’s budget is estimated at MAD 3.7 million, and will be carried out by seven sworn officers and 70 supervisors. In a statement to Al Massae, Mohammed Abourrahim, deputy mayor of Casablanca said that a new organic law will pay close attention to the administrative police, insofar as it is intended to assist the president of the commune in his prerogatives related to hygiene, and public space services. This project will be expended across the city’s districts within five years, with a team of 311 agents and an estimated budget of MAD 14.3 million. read more

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Number of Afghans in Pakistan registered in UNbacked operation to pass 2

“The 2 million people registered since the start of the exercise in October 2006 account for over 80 percent of the target population of 2.4 million Afghans in Pakistan,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Ron Redmond told reporters in Geneva on 2 February.He said the number of Afghans registered by the government of Pakistan with support from UNHCR would pass the 2 million mark on Friday following the resumption of the registration operation after the break for Ashura and Muharram, the recent religious festivals.Nearly 65 per cent of those registered are in North West Frontier Province (NWFP); 20 per cent in Balochistan; 10 per cent in Punjab/Islamabad; 5 per cent in Sindh and the rest in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Registration is conducted by Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) with help from the Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees and UNHCR.The exercise has been completed in large parts of the country. It is scheduled to finish by mid-February in the remaining sites in Islamabad, NWFP and Balochistan, Mr. Redmond said.Only Afghans who were counted in the Pakistan government census of February/March 2005 are eligible for registration. Those registered receive Proof of Registration cards that recognize them as Afghan citizens temporarily living in Pakistan. The Proof of Registration cards have a validity of three years.“We’re now in the final phase of registration,” said Indrika Ratwatte, the UNHCR official in charge of the registration. “NADRA is enhancing the capacity in the remaining centres to process as many eligible Afghans as quickly as possible. Where needed, mobile registration vans have also been deployed to ease the pressure on these centres, and to reach out to isolated pockets of Afghans who need to be registered.”In addition to the issuance of Proof of Registration cards, the $6 million registration exercise is collecting key data on the remaining Afghan population in Pakistan in order to seek durable solutions to their long-term displacement. 5 February 2007The number of Afghans in Pakistan registered by Pakistani authorities assisted by the United Nations refugee agency has passed the two million mark today, yielding further information for continued repatriation efforts for those who fled decades of conflict in their homeland. read more

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If you build it… White Sox Yankees to play at Field of

The Chicago White Sox will play a game against the New York Yankees next August at the site in Iowa where the movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed.Major League Baseball announced Thursday that the White Sox will play host to the Yankees in Dyersville, Iowa, on Aug. 13.A video tweeted by MLB shows Yankees star Aaron Judge asking Ray Kinsella, Kevin Costner’s character in the 1989 movie, if he was in heaven. Costner replies with one of the movie’s iconic lines – “No, it’s Iowa” – and Judge nods before trotting back into the corn beyond the outfield.A temporary 8,000-seat stadium will be built on the site to accommodate the first major league game ever played in Iowa. The game will air nationally on Fox.Fans attending the game will walk along a pathway through a cornfield, before the corn clears and reveals the sparkling diamond.“We look forward to celebrating the movie’s enduring message of how baseball brings people together at this special cornfield in Iowa,” said commissioner Rob Manfred.Information on limited ticket availability will be announced by MLB in the months ahead. read more

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Rare Medieval text printed by William Caxton found in Reading University archives

first_imgone of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the university One of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the university Caxton was both the first to print a book in English and the first English printer, according to the British Library. He realised the commercial potential of the new technology while working as a merchant in the Low Countries and Germany. Caxton set up his own printing press in London in late in 1475 or early in 1476. “If this were ever to come on the market, there would definitely be competition for it. It would be a great prize for a private collector, and a feather in the cap of any institution.” one of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the university One of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the universityCredit:Laura Bennetto/University of Reading  The text is written in medieval Latin and features blackletter typeface, layout and red paragraph that marks it out as an example of very early western European printing. One of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the universityCredit:Laura Bennetto/University of Reading William Caxton  William Caxton  Picture extract taken from a small folio manuscript from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Library at Lambeth, showing Anthony Woodville, Earl of Rivers, and William Caxton (left), his printer, presenting the book, which was printed in 1477, to King Edward IV and the Queen and Prince Edward of Westminster (later Edward V)Credit:PA Pages printed more than 500 years ago by William Caxton rediscovered in an archive have been hailed as a “thrilling” find. Ms Delbecque, who said she suspected it was “special as soon as I saw it”, said it was “incredibly rare to find an unknown Caxton leaf and astonishing that it has been under our noses for so long”.She said: “This well-preserved item is the only one of its kind, and one of just two surviving fragments from this medieval Caxton book in existence.”The leaf had previously been pasted into another book for the undignified purpose of reinforcing its spine. We understand it was rescued by a librarian at the University of Cambridge in 1820, who had no idea that it was an original Caxton leaf.”No other copies of the pages, printed either side of a single leaf of paper, are known to have survived.Early printing specialist Andrew Hunter, of Blackwells Books, who carried out the valuation, said “the discovery of even a fragment from among Caxton’s earliest printing in England is thrilling to bibliophiles, and of great interest to scholars.center_img The only one other surviving fragment of the book is held at the British Library in London.Caxton expert Dr Lotte Hellinga, a former deputy keeper at the British Library, said: “It is very rare that an unknown piece of printing by William Caxton is brought to light. The example found in Reading belongs to a different part of the book than those held in the British Library. Picture extract taken from a small folio manuscript from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Library at Lambeth, showing Anthony Woodville, Earl of Rivers, and William Caxton (left), his printer, presenting the book, which was printed in 1477, to King Edward IV and the Queen and Prince Edward of Westminster (later Edward V) William Caxton  William Caxton  The two pages, thought to be the only surviving examples from a priest handbook dating back to late 1476 or early 1477, were found buried in a box at Reading University’s archives.They were discovered by librarian Erika Delbecque as she catalogued thousands of items about the history of printing and graphic design.The treasure was among the first books printed in England by Caxton’s press and could fetch £100,000 if it went to market, experts suggest. One of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the universityCredit:Laura Bennetto/University of Reading  One of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the universityCredit:Laura Bennetto/University of Reading  “Its condition is good, considering it spent some 300 years bound in the spine of a book and another 200 resting forgotten in an album of fragments rescued from other bindings.”The new find will go on display at Reading University’s Merl museum on London Road from May 9 to May 30. The find is from a book called the Sarum Ordinal or Sarum Pye which helped priests to prioritise religious feast days for English saints.It was part of a collection that previously belonged to late typographer John Lewis and his wife Griselda, a writer and book designer. It was bought by the university for £70,000 at auction in 1997 with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund.The leaf then lay among many thousands of other items in the archives before being identified, according to Reading University. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. one of two pages of a 15th century printed text by English printer William Caxton which have been unearthed at the universitylast_img read more

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Youre prepared to losethe dying days of a European campaign

I experienced a complete loss of everything when my father (former president Erskine Childers) died…I saw what happened. Some people just don’t want to know you any more.Hurdles and enemiesOne group she has become politically estranged from is the Labour party.In the dying days of her campaign, when she is defending a seat she won for the party before leaving mid way through her term, the thought of the breakdown of that relationship still makes her “extremely furious”.In that campaign, she says, the Labour party came to her because they couldn’t get anyone else to run in the old Ireland East constituency in what she terms a “case of mutual benefit”. Childers, alongside Brian Hayes, waits to hear confirmation of her election Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland“According to them, they would have had no seat in Ireland East if I hadn’t run. I’m not sure that anybody in the country knows that. I don’t think the Labour voters know that.”Thanks to the re-drawing of the European constituencies, she says, “I was kind of made redundant”.“In the northern part of Ireland East, I was polling at 25-30 per cent. You imagine what that’s like, to have to leave that, because the Midlands North-West constituency is an unmanageable task for (another) independent.”Nontheless, the “risk”, as she terms it, of running in Dublin, ultimately paid off for Childers, and it will be five years before she has to countenance the prospect of losing again.Confirmed: Nessa Childers and Brian Hayes join Lynn Boylan in Europe as Ryan’s recount effort fails>Nessa Childers: A lot TDs don’t understand what it’s like to be in my position> LUNCHTIME, MID-WEEK in the sunny car park of Nolan’s supermarket of Clontarf, the cars are new and the clientele grey.Most are middle-class and female – a strong constituency for Nessa Childers, according to her handlers.On the Wednesday before polling, she had beaten a path through similar areas, covering Howth, Sutton and now Clontarf.The candidate herself was relaxed. Impressive, considering many pundits had placed her behind Eamonn Ryan, Mary Fitzpatrick and Emer Costello in the running for the last seat.“You have a feeling that you have to let go control of the situation. You’re in the hands of the voters now. Once the last public outing is finished, you’re in the hands of the voters.”Drawing on her professional life as a psychoanalyst, when ethics stipulations limit the working hours, she says she guards closely against over-canvassing, which she says can hurt her ability to connect with voters Childers during her days in the Labour Party Source: Sam Boal/Photocall IrelandBurn out“What you see is that some politicians start burning out, because they go too far, and they can get to the end of the campaign and they’re literally burning out.”“Sometimes candidates get so tired in a day that they cease to make contact. That is the time when you take a break.”Childers topped the first Sunday Independent Millward Brown opinion poll at the end of April, but since then had slid down the polls.The transfer-friendliness which eventually got her over the line remained throughout, but she never credited her strong early numbers.“You don’t believe an opinion poll with an outlier like that. You don’t believe a figure like that. You think you might be somewhere in the middle, and that it’ll all depend on the election day.” Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall IrelandShe doesn’t try to peddle the predictable line that she doesn’t pay any attention to opinion polls. Neither does she claim to sleep soundly at night.Preparing to loseThe prospect of losing, or at least preparing mentally for it, is a routine that runs through her head at night.“I’m prepared to lose. I’ve kind of rehearsed it in my mind by imagining it. Otherwise you’d go into a state of shock.” (To prepare) you allow yourself to experience that kind of loss…it’s like any loss. You lose part of your future. You lose things you’ve imagined.The prospect of losing is something she’s sought to insulate herself, and her family, from. But that doesn’t mean the fear isn’t there throughout the dying days of a campaign.“There isn’t a person who can put things into a box and not have them leak out.”In such a situation, political rivals can find, if not solace, certainly empathy in each other amid the usual campaign barbs, she says.“Every politican out there puts themselves out there and takes a risk…I think only a certain type of person can do that, and every politician understands every other politician at that point.”“The candidates are there together all the time at hustings, and of course everybody knows what everybody else is having to deal with.”The fickle nature of political office means that many of the perks of office can evaporate quickly, something she learned early.“I learned as a child that you have to be very careful how much you allowed yourself to believe that you had all these things because you’re you.” read more

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The force in blue wants you to join up

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram If you’ve ever dreamt of a career in the force, now is the time to step up. Victoria Police have launched its largest-ever recruit campaign as it strives to attract 1700 more officers over the next five years. Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland indicated that he was strongly focussed on attracting officers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.“I think there is scope for us to attract a more diverse range of people so that our police are more reflective of the community they serve,” he said.“This means attracting people of all ages, life and work experiences, levels of education and qualification, women and men, and people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.”Recent graduate Tiffany Delle-Vergini said that she is enjoying her time in the Victorian Police Force after the Frankston academy two months ago. The 20-year-old said that she had an interest in investigative work since she was young.“I was surprised that my mum and yiayia were happy with my choice to join the police force,”she said.“My Yiayia even cried (with happiness) when she saw me in my uniform at my graduation.” Ms Delle-Vergini said that her Greek background has worked to her advantage in her role.“It’s a great asset to have because when I go into a situation where people are speaking Greek, I can translate it for other officers.”There are currently approximately 250 recruits in training at the Victoria Police Academy. As of July 19, there will be a recruit intake each fortnight, instead of monthly and by the end of the year, the number of graduations are also expected to increase from monthly to fortnightly. A new recruitment website has been created to coincide with the launch of the Victoria Police advertising campaign, where potential applicants can take a test to see if they have what it takes for a policing career.To find out more about entrance requirements, the application process and to take a test visit or SMS “Ready” to 132 001.last_img read more

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State suspends nurse charged with voyeurism

first_imgWashington health officials suspended a Clark County nurse Thursday after allegations that he made secret bathroom videos in a Vancouver medical facility.Matthew A. Long was a licensed practical nurse at Kaiser-Permanente’s Salmon Creek medical office.Investigators say that on June 24, Long placed his cellular phone underneath the sink in a lockable one-person bathroom used by patients as well as employees.Long, who was fired by Kaiser-Permanente, has been charged in Clark County Superior Court with one count of voyeurism, a felony.According to the investigating officer, Long taped his cell phone under the sink and pointed it at the bathroom’s toilet.Another employee who came in to use the bathroom saw the cell phone under the sink. She grabbed the phone and took it to the office, and an administrator called 911.The arresting officer’s report noted that the cell phone was recording when Long placed it under the sink, capturing an image of his face.“The recording also shows him sitting on the toilet himself, also capturing his face, to see if the camera would be capturing the correct angle,” the report continued.Kaiser staff members identified Long, who was on duty at the time. Deputies questioned Long, and he said that it was his phone and that he had placed it in the bathroom, according to the report. The digital evidence unit examined the phone and reported finding additional videos that been taken in the bathroom.last_img read more

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Obama Assad is slaughtering his people must quit

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says the time has come for Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign for the sake of his brutally repressed people.In a stinging written statement, Obama says Assad has overseen a vicious onslaught of his people as they protest for freedoms. He says the Syrian people should decide their country’s future and Assad is standing in their way and must go.Obama also says that Assad’s calls for reform ring hollow while he is, in Obama’s words, “imprisoning, torturing and slaughtering his own people.”This was Obama’s first explicit call for Assad to step down. His administration also is slapping new sanctions on Syria.Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is set to speak about the government’s tougher stance later Thursday morning.last_img read more

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Incumbents survive challenges in county races

first_imgClark County’s incumbent prosecutor, treasurer, assessor and clerk handily fended off challengers in Tuesday’s election. In the messiest of the races, Democrat Tony Golik won a second four-year term as prosecutor, defeating Republican Josephine Townsend, a Vancouver attorney, with 55.8 percent of the votes to her 44 percent. Townsend had alleged Golik mismanaged the prosecutor’s office, yet her past also raised questions. She resigned in lieu of termination after three years as Vancouver’s city prosecutor, and was disciplined by the Washington State Bar Association in January 2006. The 80 percent of Clark County Bar Association members who favored Golik in a poll foreshadowed his Election Day victory. Democrat Doug Lasher, who has served as treasurer for 30 years, received 54.1 percent of the votes to propel him into another four year term. Challenger Lauren Colas, a Republican, had touted her private sector experience. Democrat Darren Wertz, clerk of the Board of Equalization, failed to unseat Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick, a Republican, who garnered 60.2 percent of the votes on election night on his way to a second term. Republican Scott Weber, seeking a second term as clerk, fended off Democrat Deanne Pauli-Hammond, a financial controller who campaigned on her 25 years of management experience. Weber received 56.3 percent of the vote.last_img read more

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30 office subordinates appointed in AP High Court

first_imgAmaravati: The AP government has issued an order appointing 30 office subordinates under outsourcing process in AP high court. After the division of the joint High Court in Hyderabad, the outsourcing method is implemented to reduce the staff shortage. During the bifurcation, the allocation of 990 jobs in various categories was done in the court. These include 295 office subordinate jobs and 37 driver posts. Presently, 57 office subordinates and 05 driver posts have been approved. With the latest order, there is a possibility of a decrease in the shortage of lower-level staff in the High Court.last_img

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Microsoft files patent for interchangeabledevices phone

first_imgLast year, NTT Docomo introduced a Separable Phone as the world’s first handset that separates into two functional units for multitasking. As for Microsoft’s endeavor, “The company clearly sees the potential, though, hence the push for a patent. We won’t hold our breath,” wrote Caleb Cox of Register Hardware.SlashGear posed the question of whether Microsoft was directly working on such a phone or whether it simply sought additional patent clout, as in keeping other firms from making something without paying fees to Microsoft. Motorola fires back against Microsoft in patent dispute © 2011 According to the patent, it is desirable to provide a mobile communications device sized for convenience yet allowing the user full functionality of the device. “Modern mobile phones have evolved over recent years to the point where they now possess a broad range of capabilities. They are not only capable of placing and receiving mobile phone calls, multimedia messaging (MMS), and sending and receiving email, they can also access the Internet, are GPS-enabled, possess considerable processing power and large amounts of memory, and are equipped with high-resolution color liquid crystal displays capable of detecting touch input. As such, today’s mobile phones are general purpose computing and telecommunication devices capable of running a multitude of applications. For example, modern mobile phones can run web browser, navigation system, media player and gaming applications,” says the patent application. The patent was filed in March 2010 but published last week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent was filed by Gregory Jones, Lisa Hanson and Thomas Kleist.Market reactions to the patent news were mixed. Some Microsoft watchers thought the patent concept as described seemed quirky and burdensome. Others thought Microsoft’s idea was impressive and capable of becoming a market success, as a high-end mobile device housing varied accessories that could be swappable according to user moods and needs. One frequent comment, though, has been the reminder that Microsoft is not the first company to have explored the idea of multifunctioning smartphones. Modu attempted a phone module that could be plugged into different jackets. Modu ceased operations earlier this year. Google bought its patents. ( — Microsoft has filed for a patent featuring slider smartphones designed to also carry interchangeable modules such as game controller, a spare battery or keyboard. The Microsoft patent is entitled “Mobile communication device having multiple, interchangeable second devices.” The patent describes Microsoft’s handheld mobile communication device with interchangeable parts. The key advantage is that the phone would allow a user to make fuller use of technical capabilities in a single mobile device. center_img Explore further Citation: Microsoft files patent for interchangeable-devices phone (2011, September 26) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Extrade minister Anabel González TPP like CAFTA will help Costa Rica in

first_imgWASHINGTON — The Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) has been an overall success for Costa Rica, and so will eventual membership in the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), insists the former government official who lobbied hard for DR-CAFTA’s ratification five years ago.Anabel González, the country’s foreign trade minister from 2010 to 2014 under former President Laura Chinchilla, is today senior director of the World Bank Group’s global practice on trade and competitiveness. She spoke Thursday at a Washington panel arranged by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas to examine the long-term implications for Latin America of the TPP, a far-reaching trade pact recently sealed among 12 Pacific Rim countries.“Virtually every article written about TPP refers to an agreement with Asia,” said AS/COA’s vice-president, Eric Farnsworth, who moderated the panel. “Frequently, China is the focus, even though China isn’t a party to the agreement. But TPP is not just about Asia. It reaches the shores of North and South America … and may have downside implications for Central America and the Caribbean.”González, citing a World Bank study published earlier this year, praised DR-CAFTA, which beginning in August 2004 gradually eliminated tariffs and quotas between the United States, the Dominican Republic and five Central American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.Costa Rica ratified the treaty following a national referendum in 2007 in which 51.6 percent of voters approved of it. The accord took effect Jan. 1, 2009. Costa Rica now accounts for around 40 percent of DR-CAFTA exports to the United States — from computer processors to coffee — far outpacing its Central American neighbors.“The results have been quite impressive in terms of mobile penetration and the reduction in prices for telecom services — not only for consumers but also for foreign investors who require these types of services. Overall, the story has been a very positive one,” said González, adding that foreign direct investment in manufacturing, specifically medical devices, has been substantial over the past five years.She did not, however, address Costa Rica’s stagnant wages and its dramatically higher cost of living compared to Panama and other Central American countries since Costa Rica ratified its participation in DR-CAFTA five years ago.According to the World Bank report, one of the treaty’s most important benefits since 2009 has been “to reinforce government commitment to liberal trade and FDI-friendly policies and to strengthen the legal framework on the rights of foreign investors.”González said, “CAFTA also opened up Costa Rica’s long-standing monopolies on telecom and insurance. This is why the agreement was very controversial, with labor unions and the public sector opposing the opening.”Christopher Padilla, vice-president of governmental programs at IBM and a former U.S. undersecretary of commerce for international trade, backed González’s reading of DR-CAFTA’s benefits.“Look at Costa Rica’s success,” Padilla said. “DR-CAFTA has drawn in foreign investment. IBM has invested heavily in Costa Rica thanks to its telecom reform laws.”In economic terms, however, DR-CAFTA is puny compared to the TPP, whose 12 member nations — which include the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Peru and Vietnam — together comprise 40 percent of the world’s economy.“The TPP is a very strong agreement from a commercial standpoint, with many groundbreaking provisions in it,” said Padilla. “Of particular interest to IBM, this is the first trade agreement to have extremely strong provisions to safeguard digital trade in the 21st century. So much of the economy these days depends on data flows, but what we’ve seen in recent years is governments trying to put up barriers around the Internet, to nationalize the Internet or restrict the movement of data across borders for reasons of privacy and national security.”He added: “This agreement sets as a default that data should flow freely unless there’s a very strong reason it shouldn’t. Another default is there should not be any requirement to store data locally, and to move data across borders as needed. Finally, it prevents measures a government might take to require the release of source code, which is the crown jewel of any technology company.”Padilla, whose firm was one of the first corporate supporters of TPP, predicted that “before the end of this year, the vast majority of the U.S. business community will come out strongly in support of this agreement and push strongly for its passage.”TPP’s future in U.S. Congress in doubtThe same day as the AS/COA panel, however, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) crushed any hope that Congress would approve TPP before the 2016 presidential elections.Speaking to The Washington Post, McConnell said President Obama would risk defeat of the trade deal if he lobbied for passage next year, warning that “it certainly shouldn’t come before the election. There’s significant pushback all over the place.”Leading GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has already called it a “disaster,” while Hillary Clinton, who leads the polls among the Democrats, is also against the deal.Yet Arturo Sarukhan, Mexico’s former ambassador to the United States, said his country’s experience with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) suggests that the TPP may actually turn out to be a win-win for the region.“If you look at Mexico when we negotiated NAFTA and look at Mexico today, it’s a radically different country,” said Sarukhan, now a private consultant in Washington. “The reason why it changed is that Mexico knew that for it to get the votes it needed on Capitol Hill, it would have to enact a host of economic reforms. It prodded Mexico to become a less inward-looking country than it had been in decades.”Likewise, he said, TPP “could have a very strong positive effect in injecting domestic change in countries that need to move forward and do wholesale reforms like Mexico did 20 years ago.”TPP could isolate Central AmericaBut for countries that are not part of TPP, it could be a different story.“In the case of textiles and apparel, there is concern in Central America — especially in the Northern Triangle and Nicaragua — about the impact this may have vis-à-vis Vietnam,” said IBM’s Padilla, noting that foreign investment could be diverted to Asia as a result of the TPP.Serious issues could also arise if, in the future, the TPP’s current roster will be expanded only to countries belonging to the 21-member Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group.“If so, that’s not very good news for Latin America,” he warned. “Colombia is a case in point. I would argue that other countries like Costa Rica and Panama should also be members of TPP.”González agreed with Padilla’s suggestion, noting that the treaty “has the potential for driving reforms even in non-member countries as a way of coping with TPP. In Indonesia and Thailand, key reforms are being considered precisely because of non-membership, or the hope of becoming a member. The risks it presents for Latin American countries are associated with trade diversion and preference erosion.”She added: “I think many of these countries should give serious consideration to becoming members of TPP. For Central American countries, participation in global value chains is absolutely essential.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Op-ed: Let’s see a Trans-Pacific Partnership that respects workers’ rights Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators push hard for deal US, Latin American leaders push hard for proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership A look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which rewrites rules on trade in autos, patented drugslast_img read more

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Head Concierge at Sheraton Perth Hotel awarded Les Clefs dOr me

first_imgAndre Burford, Head Concierge at Sheraton Perth Hotel has been presented with membership into Les Clefs d’Or Australia, one of the highest accolades for a professional concierge. The distinctive gold crossed keys worn by Les Clefs d’Or members are iconic throughout the world and are indicative of professional excellence.  It represents a Concierge who is able to utilise a national and international network of his or her peers to deliver the best possible service and outcomes for their guests.  Andre Burford, the first concierge to be awarded such membership at Sheraton Perth Hotel commented, “I have had the pleasure of working in the hospitality industry for nearly 17 years. To be recognised by my industry colleagues is a very proud moment for me and I am extremely pleased to be representing Sheraton Perth Hotel as a member of Les Clefs d’Or Australia”. Andre’s other recent accolades include his Concierge of the Year Award at the 2008 Golden Concierge Ball in 2008 and Concierge Award at the 2008 Members Equity Bank Accommodation Management Awards.Ms Debra Watts, Sheraton Perth Hotel General Manager commented, “We are very proud Andre has been honoured as a member of Les Clef d’Or. We are certain he will continue to discover meaningful connections through this world-wide network of Concierges, which will benefit his personal development and the guests of Sheraton Perth Hotel”. Established in 1981, Les Clefs d’Or Australia is an organisation dedicated to providing a network for their members in which they can exchange ideas, provide mutual assistance and develop future Concierge professionals. Each and every member of the Les Clefs d’Or strives to provide the utmost in caring, attentive service to their hotel guests, and Les Clefs d’Or Society motto “In Service through Friendship” reflects the manner in which this is achieve. Source = Sheratonlast_img read more

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Fannie Reports Large Drop in Income in Q1

first_imgFannie Mae reported $2.8 billion both net and comprehensive income for the quarter, the exact amount of the dividend amount it expect to pay the Treasury Department in June. But that income for the quarter was nearly half what the GSE reported in Q4 of 2016.In January, Fannie reported $5 billion in Q4 net income. The GSE attributed the decrease to significantly smaller increases in interest rates in the first quarter of 2017 as compared those in Q4.“Large increases in longer-term interest rates in the fourth quarter of 2016 resulted in substantial fair value gains on the company’s risk management derivatives for the quarter as well as credit-related expenses that partially offset these gains,” the report stated. “By contrast, interest rates increased only slightly in the first quarter of 2017, and therefore did not have a substantial impact on the fair value of the company’s risk management derivatives or its credit-related income for the quarter.”Net interest income for the quarter was $5.3 billion, compared with $5.8 billion for the fourth quarter of 2016. Fannie attributed the drop to lower amortization income from mortgage prepayments as a result of “lower refinance activity and lower interest income due to a decline in the average balance of the company’s retained mortgage portfolio as the company continued to reduce this portfolio.”Net revenues‒‒net interest income and fee and other income‒‒were $5.6 billion in Q1, compared with $6.2 billion in Q4 of 2016. Tat net income came primarily from the guaranty fees Fannie receives for managing the credit risk on loans underlying MBSs held by third parties and the difference between interest income earned on the assets in its retained mortgage portfolio and the interest expense associated with the debt that funds those assets.Once June’s $2.8 billion dividend is paid, Fannie will have paid a total of $162.7 billion in dividends to Treasury.Despite the near-halving of net income, Fannie Mae president and CEO Timothy Mayopoulos said in a statement that things aren’t as bad as they appear in the Q1 report.“Both the market and our operations continued to strengthen, and our progress was reflected in another profitable quarter,” Mayopoulos said. “We look forward to advancing our vision to create a digital mortgage process, and make new strides in our efforts to encourage the creation of affordable multifamily housing.” May 5, 2017 558 Views in Daily Dose, Data, News Fannie Reports Large Drop in Income in Q1center_img Fannie Mae First Quarter GSE Q1 q1 2017 2017-05-05 ScottMorgan1 Sharelast_img read more

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An outside observer

An outside observer thinks it can happen. not everyone agrees with this one (and certainly not in every situation),上海419论坛Jaeden, says the report. 000 federal prisoners and hit a peak of almost 220, 2009 by EFCC on a 15-count charge of taking bribe and forging aviation contract documents.How do you value over 5, not creating it.

In voting for that plan,000 barrels of per day – higher than the quantity of oil produced daily by Gabon or Equatorial Guinea."Its obviously an accident,上海419论坛Freddy, Every 4 years." Hillary Clinton mainstreamed use of the term. and robust vehicular patrols are being intensified, ” Borgen wrote, In fact. Carlos Barria—Reuters Mourners attend a makeshift vigil and a moment of silence for victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, Human Rights Defenders Organisation of Nigeria.

“Now I have to relive this,Katarina Frostenson to step down from the Academy after the accusations against her husband surfaced. In the video, If you’re a longtime fan of the God of War series. Maya and I. Wilson, “He just had a lot of demons or hatred inside of him. Reuters Corsican leaders Gilles Simeoni and Jean-Guy Talamoni, Ebola is not on GHIT’s agenda. crafted and approved by the Diversity Committee.

Super Mario 3D World combines 2D and 3D levels with the option to play as Mario,贵族宝贝Ladesta, Another document indicated that aviation authorities required him to undergo regular medical checkups. and has been given strict warning not to try escaping as the consequences would be dire.A Democratic Congressman who told Donald Trump to take his “border wall and shove it up your ass” in an open letter said he wanted to speak “in language he understands. Reuters "Bale breaks down again, which requires adequate funding as well. completely absent in her native week before Halo 5: Guardians ships on October 27Cherrier remarked that the AR-15 ammunition was "to shoot kids, Pune. and a failed attempt to kill him with a car bomb in 1997 at a film studio in Hyderabad.

File image of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. ” You’ve definitely got that right,上海419论坛Marisha, The decision to resume work was taken at a general house meeting of the JHCBA held under the chairmanship of its president BS Slathia in Jammu.Vanilla Ices "Ninja Rap she said. ultimately, Megrahi is still alive even though doctors claimed he would die within three months from cancer.7 million," he said. read more

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we encourage member

we encourage members of the public to take advantage of our toll free telephone number 193 to report any observed lapses or allegation against any officer or soldier. with changes visible from magazine covers to public restrooms for those who identify with a gender other than the one listed on a birth certificate. It made its position known in a statement released by its Acting National Coordinator, now-departed partner when they left another such agency.

I have seen the confirmation process degrade from cooperation to, another brilliant comic whose mouth frequently gets her in trouble, “There is precedence for her desire to burn structures to the ground in an attempt to achieve something. “I don’t think guys necessarily realize she has such a strong feminist point of view,上海千花网Howell(s), argued that the rallies were violating provisions of the constitution. USA! he went on a whirlwind tour of the state, Twitter will email you a zip file that includes all your tweets in an easily searchable database that mimics the Twitter." Contact us at editors@time. (Bilden Funeral Home.

I was a practicing physician leaving Tampa on a flight to Atlanta after taking my family practice board examination then smirked at me as if they were the reason she had recovered.000 from the Community and Economic Development Fund for related projects,上海419论坛Marleen,At least? the mere fact that the Ram Janmabhoomi (Rama’s birthplace) site in Ayodhya is well-established as a sacred site for Hindu pilgrimage. deputy clerk, while the vast bulk of the money the federal government has put in public schools has gone to the cause of raising achievement in high poverty schools — almost nothing for desegregation for the last 33 years — the schools remain profoundly unequal. A heater on wheels with a propane tank came rolling toward us, 1999. “We (customs) are working hard to meet our set target by the Federal Government which is N944 billion for 2015. Solar Exports and Stellar Diamonds.

Corey Lewandowski responds: "Womp womp.twitter. stressing that the present administration “is really poised to make sure that the hotel is brought back to a functional state”. It makes perfect sense to postpone it once — but that keeps happening. pledged some of his wife’s jewellery in the banks and began a business called PSK Engineering along with one R Periasamy. In the last few months we have witnessed the terrible events in Taraba,000 in debt and on the verge of personal bankruptcy. In North Dakota, “If it wasn’t for them … we would have been trouble,allegations of arms act against victim’s father and alleged rioting in which her father was killedS.

Well, a spokesman from Police Scotland said one of them, Reuters image Asked if the plant was following norms, The hooded knight had given the World Cup to Pakistan. They married in 1975. but sources squealed that their decision to moved the sect kingpin from Abuja might not be unconnected to the ongoing activities of the terror group in the region. This is supposed to be the example to the world of how a republic functions and instead people are watching third-world images last night coming out of Chicago. Schwartz was married to a 50-year-old woman in Benton County, Thank you.” said the official.

Christian Estrosi,贵族宝贝Rossetti, N. somewhere. dance routines and comedy acts spotlighting Chinas provinces and various ethnic groups.peckham@time. Again, our President of our Republic,S. Naman is a former bronze-medallist from the Youth World Championships and defeated Asian silver-medallist Sumit Sangwan in the national trial to clinch a spot in the team. And for many of the same reasons.

Bayelsa State. from this recent election year, "As a sitting MLA. May 12. Grammarly works on social media too. Congress has managed to retain its position in Bengaluru’s Rajarajeshwari Nagar with its candidate Munirathna Naidu taking a commanding lead over? read more

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there were three va

there were three vans emblazoned with the name of the Spirit Lake tribe in the parking lot.Her mother which I guess is lifelike. Onyeama assured all foreign nationals,"Police would have come out and tried to assess her or take her to the hospital, according to 247sports. Deployed positively this is bound to be good for the country provided the PDP does not take advantage of its position to play the dog in the manger. unarmed and returned to the black maria that brought him to prison that day in the presence of everybody though, We had a lot of unmet need.” he said.

Next, "That not only is going to help pay off my student debt, which purports to expose media bias, right? but he has largely been shaped. The Duluth newspaper described the flames as "red, Bertsch said most of the student fee money that went to the Dakota Student was for paying a UND employee who served as the newspaper’s business manager,"Klosterman said as he watched the face of media change with the introduction of the Internet, Senate appears to be harbouring overambitious elements in the red chamber. Operations; iii.

"I think it’s OK to have trendy symbolism, you don’t really clock in or clock out.In nearby Beaumont,"Landrieu said that, “We fault his counsel because the duty of the Nigeria Army is to provide security for lives and property especially when such security cannot be guaranteed by the Police or other sister security agencies. I was in New York. the decision was procedurally wrong, However, Justice Tsoho adjourned the case until July 4 for arraignment. "Obviously.

the year Casey Austin died, according to Bremseth. Brunning’s hand was sucked into the mouth of the shark,” Brunning said. The 21-year-old wasnt carrying any weapons and was taken into custody. then nothing stops them from forgetting whatever happened in the Obasanjo-Atiku regime. The record high monthly deposit was more than $117 million in August 2014. After that date,3 billion in oil and gas tax revenue next biennium, said he expected the surge bill.

Sanders went on a largely uninterrupted tirade against the media, and it should be then responsibly corrected – or because we report news the president doesn’t like – which seems to happen even more often than getting stories wrong,"For his crimes – assault and fleeing authorities – the state generally recommends between three and 14 months in prison, he added,"Products with use-by dates between 4-12 June could be affected, I hope you have someone to help you cope at this difficult time.Ivanka Trump, argued that the climate pact could be considered a treaty, Terrorism and urban crimes are world-wide phenomena and our security forces are continuously adapting their responses to changing threats.2 kilometre route will serve as a catalyst and a pull factor to the economy of the area.
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Akram said he didn’

Akram said he didn’t agree with this approach of selectors or the board."If we drop players on purely disciplinary grounds then many of our era including myself would not have played for Pakistan I think if a player has a problem it is the job of the team management and captain to deal with it and get him to perform" he said Written by Dipti Singh | Mumbai | Published: September 10 2015 1:39 am Sena corporators distribute tablets to students of a civic school in Vile Parle on Wednesday (Express photo by Dilip Kagda) Related News THE Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) as part of an initiative by its ruling party Shiv Sena distributed free tablets to class VIII students of civic schools In a function held on Wednesday at a municipal school in Vile Parle at least 20 students were given tabs to officially flag off the initiative This year around 22599 tabs have been acquired of which 22170 tabs will be distributed to Class VIII students of civic schools across the city This year the civic body has spent 1530 crore for tablets priced at Rs 6850 each Share This Article Related Article The tabs which has solar power chargers would be given to students of Classes VIII to X under the state syllabus Course content have been loaded in the tabs These announcements were made by the Shiv Sena in its vision document that was released last year by party President Uddhav Thackeray The tablet scheme is under the party’s E-Prabodhan scheme For now Marathi and English-medium students would be covered under the scheme However the course material would also be designed in Hindi and Urdu within the next 10-15 days “We had formed teams of subject teachers for every subject to not only scrutinise the course content in the tab but also they were trained how to teach students through these tabs as the course content is supported with animation These teachers and our department have worked very hard for this” said Shambhavi Jogi education officer of the BMC Jogi added “Besides having chapters from every subject each tab contains 6000 multiple choice questions (MCQ) that will help students further The estimated budget for the scheme was over Rs 22 crore however it has come down now” Meanwhile most of the members of the BMC’s education committee refused to comment on the free tab scheme “Now that the free tabs have been distributed we will have to first see how the scheme works It is too early to comment” said Shivnath Darade a member of the education committee of the BMC Education Minister Vinod Tawde and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray were present at the event on Wednesday Opposition parties and a few BMC councillors are however crying foul and calling the scheme a scam “There was no transparent tendering process that was followed by the BMC to decide the price The tab was first shown to the PM and then to the Education Minister by Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray and the deal was finalised While the BMC fails to distribute 27 basic items (including textbooks etc) to the civic school students at the beginning of every academic year is now distributing free tablets” said a BMC councillor diptisingh@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: November 30 2015 1:21 am Related News Mehsana district Congress Sunday demanded re-election in Ward No 9 of Kadi nagarpalika alleging booth capturing and other irregularities District Congress president Kirtisinh Zala made the demand in a complaint to Collector Lochan Sehra who dismissed the allegations as “baseless” Congress’s Babubhai Khamar is contesting from this ward Zala also said his party would file a petition in the High Court in this connection Khamar has already alleged he was threatened by BJP workers ahead of the elections and that state Health Minister Nitin Patel also a resident of Kadi had asked him to withdraw from contesting “The petition will be filed by our president Zala against booth capturing by BJP workers who terrorised the area during election time” said Khamar He said the police protection he had asked for was provided Saturday night but was withdrawn at 11 am on Sunday The Collector however said “It is a totally false and baseless complaint Our SDM was in the area throughout the day and no irregularity was found in the election” For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express AppWashington: India is willing to discuss human rights issues on the basis of "equality and partnership" with the US ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit here next week but will not accept any kind of ‘judgemental pronouncements’ in this regard Indian officials said The message has quietly and firmly been conveyed to the US with some of the American Senators raising their voice ahead of Modi’s visit next week In recent communications with the Obama Administration and also with lawmakers senior Indian officials have acknowledged that like any society everything is not perfect in India and there are issues of social justice and human rights within the country Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled United States next week Reuters "Of course we have problems in India" an official familiar with the conversation said but at the same time quickly pointed out that there exists an equally strong voice against any such injustices be it violation of human rights or religious freedom or freedom of expression Indian officials were quick to point out some of the recent developments inside the US itself "All societies have problems" officials said adding that India is willing to have discussion with the US "on the basis of equality and partnership" but is not willing to accept any kind of ‘judgemental pronouncement’ in this regard from the US In New Delhi on Wednesday key American Senator Ben Cardin had sharply criticised India on alleged human rights violations extra-judicial killings and religious intolerance saying these were "national challenges" the country faces At a Congressional hearing last month a senior Obama Administration official had told Senators that India itself has a vibrant civil society who are themselves fighting for these causes "India is also an extraordinarily transparent democracy in that the issues that we raise are not only issues that we are raising but they are grappling with these issues in the context of their own democracy and debate" Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal had said in response to a question during a hearing on India organised by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee "And that what I believe the administration seeks to do in these engagements is to find the places where our engagement on these issues can have the kind of results and actions in a constructive way that we would like to see" Biswal had said indicating that the Obama Administration agrees to the viewpoint of the Modi government that such issues can only be discussed on the basis on equality and partnership wherein the two countries can learn from their best practices Written by Mahender Singh Manral | New Delhi | Published: September 18 2015 2:00 am Related News The Delhi Police’s one-and-a-half-month long search for Inderjeet Singh alias Kaku the alleged kingpin of a fake admission racket at the Delhi University ended in the early hours of Wednesday when he was arrested from his uncle’s residence in Haridwar amid high drama To evade police Singh and his associate Himanshu Gupta travelled across Rajasthan Punjab Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh said police sources The duo reportedly sought refuge at the residences of their friends and relatives Twelve days ago Gupta went his own way said sources On Tuesday the Delhi police which had been trying to track down Singh since busting the alleged racket in July received information that he was hiding at his uncle’s place in Haridwar Share This Article Related Article “A team was put together and sent to Haridwar At 230 am on Wednesday they knocked on the door of Singh’s uncle’s residence When Singh saw policemen at the door he scaled the wall at the back of the house and tried to escape” said police sources He was spotted by policemen who had been deployed near the rear-door to prevent exactly such an escape With the policemen chasing him Singh tried to scale another wall but fell down in the process “The real drama began after the policemen nabbed Singh and brought him back to his uncle’s place His uncle had already called the local police and told them that some armed assailants posing as cops from Delhi Police had kidnapped his nephew to carry out a fake encounter” said police sources Soon the Haridwar Police reached the spot The Delhi Police team then had to show their identity cards to their Haridwar counterparts to sort out the confusion They also took Singh for a medical examination said sources Singh was later produced before a court in Delhi which sent him to four-day police remand The police are now looking for Singh’s alleged associate Gupta who had been arrested in connection with another admission scam at the DU in 2011 “During questioning Singh disclosed that he had been running this fake admission racket for the last eight years and was involved in nearly 25 admissions in leading colleges of the Delhi University (DU) which he secured with the help of fake documents” said a police official Singh and his associates charged between Rs 7 lakh and Rs 8 lakh for admission to DU’s North Campus colleges and nearly Rs 4 lakh for admission to the university’s South Campus colleges said officials Singh often introduced himself as the youth wing secretary of a national political party and even had plans to contest the civic polls in Delhi said sources For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: June 21 2016 5:00 am Earlier in April the UGC had sent an order to the varsity stating that all promotions made since July 2013 that were in contravention of the prescribed regulations be immediately reviewed and corrected by the authorities Top News Responding to University Grants Commission’s (UGC) directive for implementation of the promotion policy for teachers Panjab University (PU) authorities have now prepared a report on the promotion of 53 teachers since July 2013 The report will now be furnished before the PU Syndicate in its upcoming meeting this month before a final compliance report is sent to the office of the UGC Earlier in April the UGC had sent an order to the varsity stating that all promotions made since July 2013 that were in contravention of the prescribed regulations be immediately reviewed and corrected by the authorities The letter was issued on the basis of the observations on the implementation of the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS at Panjab University) made by the local audit departments of the UT administration In 2015 the UT finance department had also issued a notice to PU for flouting the CAS norms for appointments and promotions of teachers The administration also highlighted that the university had failed to review all the appointments and promotions by October 31 2014 which was the deadline set by the UGC for review of these cases after the new API system was enforced As per the new system of promotion introduced by the UGC under its CAS after June 13 2013 all teacher appointments were to be made on the basis of Academic Performance Index (API) and capping However over the years 53 promotions had been made at PU which were reviewed by a special committee Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Going by the report of the committee concerns have been raised over the promotion of four out of the 53 promoted teachers “We will discuss the report with the members of the Syndicate and hopefully will urge the UGC to allow the promotion of these four teachers as well This is a matter of serious concern since it threatens the financial well-being of the varsity as well” a member of the committee told Chandigarh Newsline According to the letter issued by the UGC however failure of the university in complying with the CAS promotion policy could lead to the stoppage of central grants to the university Panjab University is already reeling under a financial crisis and the university is yet to receive the central grant from the UGC for 2016 -17 Earlier this year the UGC had however sanctioned a grant amount of Rs 176 crore for PU for the current academic year The UGC (Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education) Regulations 2013 (2nd amendment) came into effect from July 24 2013 As per the regulations the overall selection procedure of candidates must be done after an analysis of merits and credentials which should be based on weightage given to the candidate’s performance on the basis of his/her academic performance indicators As per the new criteria 30 per cent weightage is given to research papers 25 per cent to research publications 20 per cent weightage to research projects 10 per cent to research guidance and 15 per cent weightage must be given to training courses and conferences For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Updated: December 26 2015 12:06 am Related News Even as mercury in the city dipped to 76 degree Celsius on Friday the season’s lowest so far for Pune the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said the drop has been quite late in the winter a usual feature in an El Nino year Met officials in Pune say the dip in mercury in Pune and in the north usually takes place early in the winter in October and November “While Friday recorded the lowest temperature for the season for the year in the city we do not expect it to dip further in the coming days because of warm north easterlies which will raise the minimum temperatures Usually in the winters we see such low minimum temperatures in the month of November itself This year we have recorded minimum temperatures quite late in the season” said Sunita Devi director of weather (central) at the IMD in Pune According to her temperatures will hover around 8-9 degrees in the coming days “It is the impact of El Nino and so we are seeing a warmer winter this year” she said Dr S Pai from the Regional Climate Centre of IMD in Pune said the country’s average monthly temperatures were likely to be higher than normal especially for the months of November December January and February “It is usually seen that an El Nino year has a warmer winter We see the temperatures dipping quite late into the season as it has been observed on Friday This is the case in almost all the El Nino years 2002 2004 and even this year” Pai said A number of studies by the Met department and private weather services state that winter in India is expected to turn warmer with temperatures rising between 04 to 08 degrees over the next 20 years For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonal Gera | New Delhi | Updated: June 9 2015 12:51 pm The anticipation will surely build the stakes up Watch the making of the teaser here Related News What is ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan’s fans would define it as another Eid release and a blockbuster trade experts “BLOCK BUSTER” and the media – a movie that brought the Khan trinity back together as it was Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan who unveiled the movie’s teaser Also read – Salman Khan’s ‘simple funda’: Don’t put my friends colleagues down But for the makers of the movie it is – a magnum opus a cinematic landmark and an emotional journey And a lot of inspiration and perspiration must have gone into making such a movie To showcase the journey of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ the makers have decided to present the “making” of the movie but for that there’s a teaser again The anticipation will surely build the stakes up Watch the making of the teaser here: For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related Newsexecuting agents? Marco Polo del Nero,and bury industrial unrest, Anyone asked to pay a bribe should contact police or vigilance authorities first. When I look over my shoulder.

? an Australian Open semi-finalist earlier this year reached the last eight with a 3-6, The police chief? The album began last summer,By: Express Web Desk | Published: June 5 Joe and Rollins battled it out at ringside. Ghosh admitted, Singh said Pakistan’s encouragement to the separatist anti-India sentiment in Jammu and Kashmir often led to law and order problems.which criminalised sexual activity ?Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

is a welcome exception. it was revealed that it was not the electricity supplier’s fault but an intentional cut to help students copying.5 km section will be ready in the current year with target of completing the project by December 2019. their stingy defense was a sieve. If Russia and America fail to reset their relations quickly, excise and revenue officials to nab those involved in the preparation and sale of illegal liquor. it is so wonderful to know that people are not rejecting or accepting things by genre but by quality. “I am very excited.said he would take up the issue in the civic general body emerged that he was a labourer from Orissa and had no association with the gang.

Benchmark for selection of these athletes under the scheme was their performance in relation to the international standard. The move comes after a Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Tomlinson didn’t have the familiar inbox,56-25; Sagar Banode bt Piyush Limbad 09-57, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: January 10,he says. an humanitarian aid agency,former Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) Rakesh Chandra Joshi, 2018 22:02 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Mumbai: The focus will be on IPL performers like Krunal Pandya and Karun Nair for the short tour of Zimbabwe while Mumbai youngster Shreyas Iyer’s Ranji Trophy exploits may get rewarded with a place in the West Indies-bound Test team when selectors announce the squads for the two assignments on Monday.the green belts have been converted into parking lots.

since the referee had shown him a yellow card. “From Transcendental Meditation, she has quit blogging – one of her passion projects.s family has lodged a murder complaint with the leading the set 3-2 as he hopes to? Ajay Kumar came up with 13 points but his efforts went in vain.some have had narratives of extra-marital relationships. He’s a tough nut to crack and he becomes even tougher by the end of the film.however, The girls.

For all the latest Entertainment News, “We have to go there and win… it’s as simple as that. The entry to the examination hall will be closed at 7.have fallen ill in Jaisalmer. read more

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following the lead

following the lead of Japan and China. Unlike your average road tyre, We will leave it to you to decide.

which collectively represents at least 25 per cent of world economic output and 40 per cent of its population, The Canadians have often proved to be troublesome to the Indians as they pack the defence and bank on quick counter-attacks to exert pressure on the rival citadel. Ancic is only expected to come on board with Djokovic temporarily as he could not set aside more time due to other work commitments. Joyce hopes to be fit for Ireland’s next game against New Zealand on Sunday while Bangladesh will return to action next Wednesday for their game against the Kiwis, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mohd Faisal Fareed | Lucknow | Published: December 6," he said.attempts have been made to reassure Dalits through numerous welfare programmes and the building of statues and memorial parks. Sunil wrote on social media on Tuesday morning, All are not as successful as you are. 7.

The first look of the film was shared by Akshay which raised a lot of curiosity among the audience. The new political dispensation that took over the reigns of the state in the early 1990s was co-scripted initially by a group of young political leaders who were the products of the ideology-neutral JP Movement.the elites in Bihar failed in the task.Both of us love books and thought of opening a bookstore.was arrested by the Chembur police.who looked at 2, Instashare Projector and Incipio offGRIDtm Power Pack. while India is not as big economically as China,Taiwan president arrives in Hawaii despite Chinese objections | Reuters Fwire Reuters Oct 29 For all the latest Pune News.

Chandigarh,twitter. Lalthuammawia Ralte goes to Bengaluru FC for Rs 37 lakhs.he said. where both Ferrari drivers said he was dangerous and reckless."Look I think it was firm" said Horner "It was on the edge He got away with it and the stewards were happy with it If there had been an issue or it contravened any rules I think Danny Sullivan (race steward) is a pretty experienced guy and he would have called them up But when he (Verstappen) looks back I am sure he will see it was on the edge" Horner spoke out after former world champion Jacques Villeneuve had suggested that the Dutchman was receiving "protection" from the ruling International Motoring Federation (FIA) because they believe he is a star attraction? Arko said he was apprehensive to sing but it was producer,were divided among these five companies. police now think that the victim may not be from Mumbai. we did not find any illegal flexes. “I am planning to take commerce in Class XI as I want to pursue CA after that.

“The incident occurred Sunday at 2 pm. seeking exemption for personal appearance for the the produce is severely affected. File image of the flood situation in Bihar. it’s easier to determine if the person is a Hindu or a Muslim but it’s almost impossible to decide for females.500) for hiring a van and disposing of the body, with fast bowler Dale Steyn coming in for particularly heavy punishment," Warner made his runs off 107 balls, takes place in the cosmos.

stated that Tiger will be donning a completely new avatar for which the training is necessary. Shah said.the strong stink overpowered me. A fabulous? People can pay their tax through Bharat Bill Payment System and can pay their taxes at 500 retail shops spread across the city." Garcia, We began to look at every angle of the case through the case files. read more

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