World-record fluke caught in New Jersey waters

first_img The news is out – a potential worldrecord fluke was caught this week in New Jersey. Controversy, congratulations, disbelief or a fluke – the Internet fishing sites are loaded with all kinds of questions and comments. Monica Oswald of Neptune landed a 38-inch, 24.3-pound fluke off Monmouth County in about 55 feet of water this week, according to reports across the Web. Monica is no stranger to fishing. She has a solid track record of trophy fish on her résumé. She frequently enters the Fisherman Dream boat contest every year. The previous record was 22 pounds 7 ounces in New York. It’s now up to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) to finalize and register this doormat. Pictures of the fish are circulating throughout the Internet. Fluke fishing in New Jersey is taken very seriously and is the No. 1 revenue producer for our local charter boats and fishing tournaments. It’s a halibut. It was caught on a commercial fishing boat in a gill net. It was raised in a bathtub. It was caught on a 60- pound test line. These are some of the comments coming out of the Web sites due to the picture that is circulating. In the picture, the fluke’s gill is torn and looks a little beat up, according to reports. This is just some of the criticism you have to put up with when you become famous. Monica, congratulations, and I’m sure your track record will speak for itself. On the flip side, my friend Joey G. from headed out with his dad for some fluke and did well outside Sandy Hook. First stop landed a nice 21-inch fluke and a few shorts. Second stop was the rocks, and they worked their way back home with plenty of throwbacks and all the blues you wanted. Joey did tell me that some fishermen were being stopped by conservation officials (CO) at the dock looking for anglers taking home shorts, and yes, seven COs at Atlantic Highlands marina, they did fine a few guys with multiple shorts, one guy with shorts and no registration numbers displayed. According to one CO, 35 boats came in with shorts. Let’s keep it clean; it only hurts us in the end. Capt. Ron aboard the Norma K had plenty of fluke action. Poll winner topped at 9 pounds and plenty of 4- to 6-pounders were caught along with shorts. The Sandy Hook Channel was productive fishing in 35 to 55 feet of water. That area gave up five keeper fluke along with many shorts, a ton of sea robbins and one skate. David Schoeller and his 13-year-old golden retriever, Gretchen, aboard his boat, the Wasp from Brick, trolled the Glory Hole in hopes of some tuna steaks for the grill. On his 30 International with 40-pound test he had a hit that made his pole scream on a 6-inch pink rubber squid. After 20 minutes he realized he was hooked into a wahoo weighing in at 77 pounds. Congratulations, Dave, that’s a beautiful catch. Fishing remains strong aboard Capt. Steve Purul’s Reelfantasea from Barnegat Light. Catches included a trout while grass shrimping with blues, hickory shad, or “Jersey Tarpon,” sand perch, fluke, small sea bass along with assorted other species. Although the bites were constant, the hook-up ratio was a little off earlier in the week. All clients went home with fresh sea trout fillets and did manage some real nice sea trout to 4 pounds. Jeff Pesot was out with daughters Georgia, 7, and Melissa, 13, and these girls were as competitive as boys if not more. They managed a nice mix of sea trout, blues and hickory shad. The Cy Collins party was out to find the sea trout bite a little more challenging. Although the bites were there, the trout were very illusive in their bite, managing just a few sea trout, snappers and hickory shad. Armond Shahenian was out with his sons, Eric, Tom and Jim for a pick of sea trout and hickory shad at first. After getting enough sea trout for their dinner that night, the guys released the rest of the trout and ended the night having a blast clobbering the blues on plastics in the back along the sod banks. They said they had never seen action like that ever. The John Repko party was out for a sea trout slam fest where the guys managed a nice box of trout in just a few hours during their evening trip. The big fish award went to Tony who managed a nice 3.5 pounds, they also had a nice mix of blues, shad and sand perch, saying they never had fishing as good as this. The Brent Burger party was out for slam fest with the sea trout. They also had a nice mix of snapper, shad, perch and small sea bass as well. The trip also had a “Big Mystery Fish” that battled for 50 minutes up and down the inlet. The big fish hit a half of hickory shad and the battle was on. Brent did as good of a job as anybody could do, but the size and power of the fish proved too much for the 8- pound test. They never got a view of the fish so they really don’t know for sure what it was, and that’s what fishing is all about. Thanks everyone for your reports; they keep getting better and more interesting. So many species and so many stories to tell, it can only get better with Canyon reports around the corner. Please keep your reports coming to RON NUZZOLO . Fish On last_img