People should speak out like Brian Tiwarie

first_imgDear Editor,The United Republican Party (URP) wishes to join with Brian Tiwarie in his request to have former President Donald Ramotar answer the many questions raised by the contractor.The URP believes that the questions posed by Tiwarie are legitimate and they warrant answers.The URP is also inclined to believe that the current administration will not pursue any of the blatant irregularities highlighted by Tiwarie. We have noticed that once the irregularities have been highlighted, even through the audits, this government seems content to shelve them.This behaviour is very telling and wearisome to the country.Ramotar, however, is the one who started this latest issue by pointing out an irregularity of the APNU/AFC Government with regards to BK.The URP is therefore calling on Ramotar to return to his writing den and be at pains to address each and every one of the damming revelations made against him by Tiwarie.It should be noted that the URP contested the 2015 General Elections because we were of the firm conviction that the PPP had lost their way. The URP also notes that these accusations against Ramotar are coming only from one person with access to the thievery that obtained in only the three short years of President Ramotar’s reign.Editor, in the interest of nationalistic pride and with the knowledge of karma, it behoves all those – like Brian Tiwarie – who know of the atrocities to come forward and speak out.The URP thinks that President Granger should offer some kind of amnesty and witness protection to all the persons who would like to come forward and inform the Guyanese public of those who committed crimes against the state. The state should set up a hotline or a special office to allow folks to publicly or anonymously report on these matters.The URP also hopes that this administration will encourage further revelations by actively and publicly pursuing those fingered in these dastardly deeds.Yours trulyVishnu BandhuLeader URPlast_img