Online features essential for future of postal services – UN report

23 January 2012Online services that allow users to track and trace packages, find post office locations, transfer money and pay bills electronically, among other activities, are becoming increasingly important for the postal industry, according to a study released today by the United Nations global post agency. The study points to a rapid growth in postal e-services in recent years with 85 services of this kind having been introduced in 2010 alone, compared to 33 in 2007.“What this study shows is that, as physical mail volumes decline, posts are not standing on the sidelines,” said Edouard Dayan, Director General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). “They are being innovative and making strategic use of new technologies to diversify their products and services to meet customers’ increasingly changing needs.”The report provides an index ranking electronic postal services worldwide and places Switzerland, Belarus, Italy, Germany and Qatar at the top of the list of countries with the best overall development of postal e-services, followed by Tunisia, France, the Republic of Korea (ROK), the United States and Canada.The report stresses that even though industrialized countries provide on average twice the number of e-services than their counterparts in developing countries, several of the latter are providing innovative solutions. “Innovation capacity is totally independent of wealth, which is why several posts from developing countries are considered leaders in some areas,” Mr. Dayan said.The study divides 55 electronic services into four categories which include e-post, e-finance, e-commerce and e-government. E-post services are the most developed, followed by e-finance and e-commerce. E-government is still relatively new, with the number of countries providing such services insufficient to allow for the development of an index for this category.In addition, the report also identified services which are considered strategically important but are currently underdeveloped. These include providing electronic signatures, notifying customers of deliveries via mobile text messages or e-mail, online changes of addresses, the provision of electronic postal certification marks, postal registered electronic mail, and electronic customs documents and digital identities. Even though postal e-services are considered increasingly important, the study also reveals that some posts are still not giving them enough attention in terms of financing, market development and organizational management.The study further suggests that such services currently contribute modestly to the bottom line – an average 1.5 per cent of a post’s global revenues. “A few posts are reporting confidentially that e-services are generating upwards of 30 per cent of their revenues,” said Farah Abdallah, UPU e-services expert, who co-authored the study. “This shows that if posts develop a comprehensive digital strategy, there is potential for sustainable growth,” she added. read more

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Nominations accepted for new University Chancellor

All members of the Brock community are encouraged to join the process and submit nominations as the search intensifies for the University’s next Chancellor.The Advisory Committee on the Chancellor will be accepting nominations until 4:30 pm on April 23.It takes a special person to be Chancellor at Brock. Since its inception, the office has been held by inspired individuals who have been leaders in disciplines ranging from medicine and architecture to business and politics.Given the legacy of outgoing Chancellor Ned Goodman and the six Chancellors who came before him, Brock seeks a successor who will maintain the high standards associated with the role.Beyond the tall task of embodying the ideals and aspirations of an entire University, the Chancellor must also have a personal stature and profile that can further the reputation of the University locally, nationally and around the world.An active leader dedicated to moving the University forward, the Chancellor must have a commitment to advancing student welfare, higher education and research. He or she must also be dedicated to working toward the improvement of the University’s infrastructure and resource base.The eighth Brock Chancellor will also preside over all convocations, serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees and Senate and liaise with internal and external stakeholders. Beyond the high profile events and interactions, the Chancellor must also seek to engage with and act as a role model for the student body.Nominations are done in confidence, and nominators are encouraged not to alert those they have put forth, as the committee expects a large number of submissions.Please complete the nomination form and email it to Margaret Thompson by 4:30 pm on Thursday, April 23. read more

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Connor McDavid Is Off To A Legendary Start

In the roughly seven decades since the NHL started handing out the Art Ross trophy to the league’s top scorer, only three recipients have spent at least some of an award-winning season as a teenager. Two of those players are on the short list of all-time best: Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby. The other? This season’s winner: Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers.McDavid was impressive as a rookie last season, but 2016-17 was when he announced his official superstardom to the world. In addition to leading the NHL in points, he was the league’s best at generating quality scoring chances. And although McDavid has been held to 2 points in the Oilers’ four first-round playoff games against the San Jose Sharks, the series is tied, and McDavid is driving possession the way he did during the regular season. Plus, he’ll probably be honored as the most valuable player in the game regardless of how his postseason goes.McDavid’s rise to the top of the NHL is hardly unexpected — as a child in Newmarket, Ontario, he was already being compared to Gretzky and Crosby. Comparisons with legends bring loads of pressure and expectations, and assuming that an 18-year-old who’s only played against other teenagers will turn into an all-time great is almost always silly.1*Cough, Alexandre Daigle, cough* But even the most optimistic hockey fan might be astonished by how valid McDavid has made those analogies look, and how quickly he’s done so.To say a great deal of hype surrounded McDavid as a youngster would be an understatement. In 2012, Hockey Canada waived its normal eligibility rules — which dictate that players can’t suit up at the major junior level until they’re 16-years-old — and allowed McDavid to enter the Ontario Hockey League draft at age 15. It wasn’t long before McDavid was torching the best junior-level competition in the world: In his three OHL seasons, he scored 285 points, or 1.7 per game. By the time his junior career was over, McDavid had won the most individual silverware in the history of the OHL.In his first two NHL seasons — the first of which was cut short because of an upper body injury that gave the entire city of Edmonton a brief, but acute, panic attack — McDavid scored 148 points over just 127 games.How does that compare with the legendary company McDavid is often mentioned in? Crosby’s scoring rate through his first 127 games was a bit higher than McDavid’s — he tallied 181 points — but there are also a few factors at play that put McDavid at a disadvantage in terms of raw numbers. After adjusting for those, McDavid ends up looking very similar to Sid the Kid.For one thing, Crosby’s first two seasons (2005-06 and 2006-07) were also the two highest-scoring NHL campaigns since the 2004-05 lockout. During those two seasons, teams averaged 9 percent more goals per game than in the two years since McDavid entered the league. 2007 might not seem like very long ago, but the game has changed. And part of the scoring gulf between then and now can be explained by a huge disparity in power play opportunities: In 2005-06, teams played with the man advantage a whopping 5.85 times per game on average. This season, that number was 2.99. (Theories abound as to why.)That matters for scoring: In his first two seasons, Crosby scored 108 of his 222 points (49 percent) on the power play. By comparison, McDavid has scored just 41 of his 148 points (28 percent) on the power play. If Crosby took advantage of whistle-happy referees, McDavid hasn’t had that luxury. Taking into account shorthanded stats as well, McDavid has scored 71 percent of his points at even strength. Crosby, by comparison, scored just 50 percent of the points in his first two seasons while playing at even strength. Because the vast majority of the game is played at even strength, points scored when teams are playing at five on five are arguably more valuable than contributions on special teams.Crosby also benefited from inferior goaltending during his first couple of seasons, relative to what McDavid has faced. According to save percentage — a good benchmark for goaltending performance — netminders were 11 points worse across the league during Crosby’s first two years than they have been during McDavid’s. From 2005-06 to 2006-07, the league’s average save percentage was .903; from 2015-16 to 2016-17, it’s .914.Add it all up, and after adjusting for the league’s scoring environment, Crosby’s 33-point lead in the raw stats gets cut roughly in half: Crosby had 179 adjusted points in his first 127 games; McDavid had’s system of adjusting statistics takes a player’s raw numbers and normalizes them to a league where six goals and 10 assists are recorded per game.As for Gretzky … well, he notched an insane 240 points per 127 games in his first two seasons, doesn’t have individual game logs dating back as far as the early 1980s, so we’ll have to base the comparison on Gretzky’s points per game in his first two seasons. although it’s worth noting that Gretzky built his case as the undisputed GOAT in an NHL that barely resembles today’s league. McDavid could be the second coming of the Great One, and he’d never have a chance to touch Gretzky’s raw production. But if we run the same adjusted scoring formula as above for Gretzky’s first two seasons, he produced 190 adjusted points per 127 games in his first pair of NHL seasons — 26 more than McDavid and 11 more than Crosby. (This just in: Gretzky was amazing.)So McDavid may be running a bit behind the Great One, but he’s pretty close to Crosby’s level. None of this is to say McDavid is guaranteed to match what Crosby has accomplished; Sid the Kid is probably still the best player in the world (at least according to that Gretzky guy) and is one of the best players to ever take the ice. But when you consider that McDavid is performing roughly as well as Crosby was at the same stage of his career, you get the sense that we’re all lucky to witness his ascent.Of course, while McDavid has asserted himself as one the game’s most prolific scorers, that doesn’t mean Edmonton fans should expect immediate returns in the form of a Stanley Cup. Gretzky himself didn’t lead the Oilers to a championship until his fifth NHL season (those early-1980s New York Islanders teams were notoriously tough to beat), and Crosby didn’t deliver a Cup to Pittsburgh until his fourth season. But with his Art Ross season, McDavid is already living up to the hype on an individual level, and the Oilers seem to have found the franchise cornerstone they’ve been looking for since Gretzky left town for sunny Los Angeles.So even if this season doesn’t end with a parade through Edmonton, the future looks exceedingly bright for the Oilers — and their boy wonder. read more

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Police hunting gunman who shot WBD teen while family was returning

Police in a statement said their investigations have revealed that the victim, her parents and a 17-year-old female friend were returning home after attending church when they were confronted by the suspect who allegedly placed the gun to the friend’s neck and commanded everyone not to move.However, the victim reportedly stood in front of the friend and in the process the suspect discharged a round which struck her in the upper right shoulder.The suspect immediately fled the scene in a vehicle which was parked a short distance away.The 16-year-old was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where she was admitted in a stable condition.Investigations are ongoing. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedTeen in custody after fracturing skull of colleague during rowOctober 20, 2018In “Crime”Gang raped teen names three persons, identifies female co – worker as facilitatorFebruary 24, 2015In “Crime”Truck driver shot by gunman at Buck Hall, Essequibo RiverDecember 19, 2017In “Crime” A 16-year-old female of Recht door Zee, Canal #1, West Bank Demerara (WBD) was shot on Sunday night around 20:30hrs on the West Minister Access Road, WBD, by an identifiable male who was armed with a handgun. read more

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Bis expands in underground mining services with UGM acquisition

first_imgInternational resource logistics company Bis has expanded its underground business by acquiring UGM, a leading mining services company in the Australian underground coal mining sector. UGM was founded in 1997 and has a workforce of approximately 200 employees. The business is headquartered near Newcastle, with operations in Queensland and New South Wales.The acquisition will grow Bis’ existing Underground Services business through the addition of UGM’s highly skilled underground coal mining workforce. The acquisition also increases Bis’ outsourced maintenance capability and grows Bis’ equipment hire fleet, including the addition of production equipment.The businesses acquired by Bis include UGM’s mining services business, conveyor installation business, underground plant hire business and diesel services workshops. The transaction scope does not include the Highwall mining and Pipelion businesses, which the vendors will continue to own and operate under the ADDCAR brand.Bis CEO Brad Rogers said, “We are delighted to welcome the UGM team to our business. The deal delivers a ready-made expansion of our existing Underground business, which already offers the biggest underground equipment hire fleet in Australia. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to expand our plant hire and maintenance capacity through this acquisition. We’re also looking forward to expanding our service offering through the addition of UGM’s mining services business.”Commenting on the acquisition Bis General Manager Underground Services Mark Doyle said: “Bis and UGM have worked together for many years. The acquisition is a natural fit for our business and will deliver strong synergies to our combined customer base.”“With our customers in mind the Underground business added an in-house engineering team earlier this year. This experienced team has been focussed on designing and manufacturing industry leading assets to join our large hire fleet, providing superior quality and bespoke equipment options tailored to our customers’ needs,” Doyle said.Rogers said the UGM acquisition followed a successful recapitalisation for Bis which added new shareholders with significant global resources and a strong commitment to value creation. “The UGM deal reflects Bis’ clear growth strategy and helps deliver a critical element of that strategy – expansion of our underground capability for the benefit of Australian underground coal mining customers,” he said.“We will continue to implement our business strategy, which focuses on expanding our existing business platforms, supported by the introduction of new and innovative proprietary products that will add value for our customers,” he said.last_img read more

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Europe will run out of PlayStation 3s in just three weeks after

first_imgEarlier this month, Korean electronics maker LG brought Sony to court, going after any Sony product that can play Blu-Ray discs because of a patent dispute. Specifically, LG wanted the International Trade Commission to block the sale of the PlayStation 3, several Bravia televisions and a number of Blu-Ray players for violating four LG patents describing a “way of dealing with multiple data streams, such as different camera angles, as well as a system to reproduce data that’s stored on a read-only device.”AdChoices广告The ITC haven’t moved on LG’s request, but over in Europe — namely, in the civil court of justice in the Hague — LG has just won a preliminary injunction that will see all new PlayStation 3’s imported into the continent confiscated by customs for at least ten days, which are already being stored in a Dutch warehouse until the injunction is lifted or expires.In our previous post on the subject, we suggested tongue-in-cheek that Sony might actually welcome such a block, allowing them time to redesign the PS3 to be hack-proof. Unsurprisingly, Sony did not agree with this assessment, and is absolutely panicked as they try to supply Europe with PS3s again.As things stand right now, Europe will run out of PS3s in just three weeks. The question is, can Sony manage to reverse the Hague’s decision in time?Read more at The Guardianlast_img read more

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The Greek government wants instability in the Balkans

first_imgI wish to raise a matter of great importance to many of my constituents and in fact many people around the country. It is rare that I take exception to our government’s foreign policy because I think that on all the big issues the foreign minister and the executive as a whole have gotten the calls right.The issue I speak of is that of the failure of successive federal governments to call the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name. On every occasion when the name issue comes up for those Australians of Macedonian heritage – and there are more than 100,000 of them – they feel insulted by this country’s continued use of the term ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’. Yugoslavia itself ceased to exist some 20 years ago and our country continues to be locked in the past.Why? There is no doubt that both sides of politics are ultimately fearful that this one issue will somehow galvanise the Australian Greek community into a block vote against whoever makes this change to recognise the Republic of Macedonia. Both sides are wrong. Those of Greek heritage are pretty much like every other ethnic community of second generation or more heritage in this country. They are not locked into some false and paranoiac belief that Australia officially uttering the words ‘Republic of Macedonia’ will somehow lose territory of the Hellenic Republic. Australians of Greek heritage have bigger issues in their lives than this and they vote like any other Australians on issues that really affect them, such as the economy and opportunities for them and their families. There are a handful of Australians of Greek heritage who do contact members of parliament and talk about how many votes would be lost by whoever made such a change. But it remains a handful and, despite the talking, there are not enough people who would vote only on this issue to affect the result in a single electorate. It is tragic that literally a handful of nationalists can exert such power as to control the foreign policy of this nation.Of course, that is not the reason given as to why Australia is against doing the right thing on the name issue. Officially, our biased position is to stand with a very small group of nations, a group that does not include our traditional allies of the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada. This small group excuses their biased pro-Greek position by talking about the need to remain committed to the UN-sponsored process that aims to achieve a mutually-accepted agreement over the name issue. This is of course a smokescreen that is good for hiding behind for a perceived domestic political advantage.Our position is wrong on many counts. Firstly, that stated objective can be achieved by maintaining the reference to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia at the UN and in multilateral fora. Secondly, it does not take any notice of the outcomes over the last almost 20 years. Those outcomes have been minimal and, despite very big concessions on the Macedonian side regarding borders and even changing their flag, the Greek side insists that the name ‘Macedonia’ cannot be in the name of the country at all. Former Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras said in the past that all they have to do is to ensure there is no agreement at these UN-sponsored talks and Albanian nationalism and other economic instability resulting from economic problems will see Macedonia fall apart.I would remind the parliament that in vetoing Macedonia’s entry to the EU and NATO, the International Court of Justice found against Greece in 2011. The ICJ said that Greece, in vetoing Macedonia, had broken the original agreement to not bar the way for their neighbour. I find it disappointing that DFAT does not acknowledge this and, overall, provides advice that is biased.As I have said before in my report, following a visit to Greece and the Republic of Macedonia in 2011, I believe that there is a real reason why Greece bars the economic future of the Republic of Macedonia by locking them out of the EU and NATO. That reason is that if they were allowed into the EU, then EU laws would allow those who lost houses and land after the civil war in the 1940s to claim restitution, and the cost would be highly challenging for Greece to bear.Our prime minister said late last year that the Macedonia request for bilateral name recognition was ‘fair enough’. Yes, it is fair enough that Australia should do the right thing and recognise the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name. This would actually help the UN-sponsored process by increasing pressure to end the intransigence and get real negotiation happening. Our duty should be to change to an unbiased position by providing bilateral recognition and increasing pressure to end the economic siege provided by the vetoing of entry to the EU. Bureaucrats who excuse our biased position by talking about freedom of the press and independence of the judiciary should know that Macedonia has already met the standards for entry to the EU.Australia has so far taken a biased position and, through our unwillingness to seek progress, we are helping to hurt the economy of a small nation in Europe. The Greek government wants instability in the region and our support of one side aids them. Over the terms of successive governments Australia has held back the homeland of some 100,000 immigrants to our country and it is no surprise that they are not happy about it. The time to do the right thing has come.* This is an edited version of Liberal MP Luke Simpkins’ speech in federal parliament. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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House Votes to Stop WOTUS

first_imgThe House of Representatives voted to kill the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule on Tuesday.According to Feedstuffs, with a vote of a vote of 261 to 156, the House passed the Regulatory Integrity Protection Act which would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw its proposed rule.WOTUS aimed to define waters that come under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act, and has caused concern in the agriculture community since its introduction in April 2014.The American Soybean Association (ASA) expressed strong concerns about its jurisdiction, application and potential impacts on American farms, and asked that the rule be withdrawn and a new rule that included input from farmers be developed.According to Agri-Pulse, the margin of the House vote was short of the two-thirds support that would be needed to override a likely presidential veto.last_img read more

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Cochin shopping mall on high alert as ISIS plans deadly attack in

first_imgISISReutersAfter the collapse of ISIS’s territorial holdings in Iraq and Syria, thousands of fighters from the Islamic State are now on the loose and could attack India and Sri Lanka at any time, the intelligence agencies have reportedly warned.The recent development comes days after the awful Easter bombings in Sri Lanka that claimed 258 lives, including 11 Indians and injured nearly 500. The top-level police officers in Kerala received three letters sent by the intelligence department of the state. NDTV accesses one such letter which claims that the jihadist organisation is eyeing the Indian Ocean Region after suffering huge losses in Iraq and Syria.After the United States’ counter-terrorism measures to wipe out the last remnant of the Islamist extremist organisation’s self-declared caliphate, the terror outfit is now urging their operatives to take up violent forms of jihad while staying back in their respective countries.Another letter claim that terrorist modules and sleeper cells in the state of Kerala may soon attack a shopping mall in Cochin. The letter went on to cite increased Islamic State-related cyber-activity in the country as signs of terror attacks to come.The intelligence letter also revealed that some of the other states facing threats from the ISIS are Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Kashmir. Earlier, ISIS operatives from Kerala who live in Syria and Iraq had used Telegram to communicate with people in India. But now, due to the fear of data leak, they are now apparently using secures apps like SilentText and ChatSecure for communication. IANSEarlier, it has been reported that Kerala is one of the few states in India where ISIS has widened its clandestine clutches. Over 100 people from Kerala had gone to Iraq and Syria, and now, top ISIS chiefs have apparently asked them to return to their homeland to carry out terrorist activities. As the warning letter has talked about attacking a shopping mall, many people believe that the target could be MA Yousafali’s Lulu Hypermarket located in Edapally, Cochin. The intelligence report also revealed that 30 people in Kerala have been under the scanner since Sri Lanka attacks. A senior police officer revealed that more than 3,000 people who have been following extreme religious thoughts were deradicalised in the past couple of years. He also added that most of these potential extremists were from the northern regions of Kerala.Meanwhile, two suspected ISIS terrorists were killed by the Punjab Police’s counter-terrorism department in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Thursday (June 20). The terrorists, identified as Muhammad Rizwan and Imran Saqi, were allegedly involved in the abductions of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son and a US national.last_img read more

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3500 opposition activists detained BNP

first_imgRuhul Kabir Rizvi. File photoBNP on Wednesday claimed that police arrested its around 3,500 leaders and activists across the country over the last few days ahead of the court verdict to be delivered on Thursday in a corruption case against party chairperson Khaleda Zia, reports news agency UNB.“At least our party’s 3,500 leaders and activists have so far been arrested centring a court verdict in a false case against our chairperson. We’re doing politics in such an anarchic situation,” said BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.He came up with the remarks while speaking at a press conference at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office.The BNP leader alleged that most of their leaders and activists have been staying here and there leaving their houses in the face of police raid and harassment.He denounced the wholesale arrest of their party men and demanded their immediate release.Rizvi claimed that the government has imposed an undeclared curfew across the country, creating tension and panic among people.He said the government is trying to convict Khaleda and harass her in ‘false and fabricated’ cases out of its political vengeance.last_img read more

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The Texas Coastline Is Slowly Disappearing Heres How One Community Is Coping

first_imgMichael Stravato for The Texas TribuneMcFaddin Wildlife Refuge near Port Arthur on Monday, December 11, 2017.The banana water lilies that once filled Jefferson County’s Salt Bayou marsh started dying off years ago.The aquatic plants, with their elegant white and yellow blooms, used to pepper the 139,000-acre wetland in Southeast Texas – a hub for wildlife, boaters and commercial fisheries. Their disappearance has been linked to the development of a shipping channel that hampered the flow of freshwater into the marsh. But scientists say it’s also the symptom of a problem that haunts the entire Texas coast: The shoreline is eroding. Subsidence, sea level rise and storm surges have all contributed to significant land loss, averaging 4 feet per year along the state’s coastline, according to the Texas General Land Office. In some places, more than 30 feet of shoreline disappears underwater annually.The result?Ecologically-sensitive areas near the coast, like the Salt Bayou marsh, are more prone to inundation by seawater, which kills off salt-sensitive aquatic plants and animals. With less space between sea and shore, it can also make neighborhoods and industry more vulnerable to hurricane storm surges.Todd Merendino, a manager at the conservation-focused group Ducks Unlimited, said sand dunes used to line the shore near the Salt Bayou marsh, forming a crucial buffer between the Gulf of Mexico and the millions of dollars’ worth of industrial infrastructure that lie inland. The dunes are “all gone now,” he said.“One day, you wake up and you go, ‘Wow, we got a problem,’” Merendino said. “And it’s not just an isolated problem where one swing of the hammer is going to fix it.”The problem has inspired a coalition of strange bedfellows in Jefferson County. Local leaders, environmental activists and industry representatives are working together to execute a variety of projects — some bankrolled by BP oil spill settlement funds — to rehabilitate the marsh and protect the area’s industrial complex.One initiative undertaken is the construction of a temporary 20-mile berm along the marsh’s coastal perimeter on a stretch of the beach there called McFaddin. The plan is to dredge sand from the ocean bottom about a mile and a half offshore and spread it over the clay berm. Vegetation will be grown on top of it to provide a habitat for migratory birds. And the plants’ roots will make the dunes more resistant to erosion. The project is crucial to protecting both the environment and industry, said Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick. The county “is home to some of the most critical energy resources in the United States. We provide a significant portion of [the country’s] gasoline, diesel fuel, and a majority of it’s commercial and military aviation fuel,” Branick said. The coastal system is “too important for us not to do something to protect.”While still underway, there’s already one big sign the group’s efforts are paying off: The return of freshwater plants like the banana water lilies, which reappeared in the Salt Bayou marsh last summer. A digger can be seen near a clay berm being built behind the the dunes and beach at the McFaddin Wildlife Refuge near Port Arthur on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017. Michael Stravato for The Texas TribuneA “drop in the bucket”?The primary aim of dune restoration at McFaddin Beach is to keep saltwater out of the marsh. But such beach renourishment projects have increasingly been used across the country as a way to curb the effects of coastal erosion, said Jens Figlus, an assistant professor in the ocean engineering department at Texas A&M University. Erosion happens naturally because the coast is a battleground between land and water, Figlus said. But storms and rising sea level are shifting coastlines and hastening erosion problems across the globe.  That leaves regions with marshy, compactable soil — like Jefferson County — particularly vulnerable to the process’ effects, Figlus said. The local group working to shore up the coast there found that the county’s shoreline is retreating more than 9 feet per year, yielding a loss of nearly 36 acres — or around 27 football fields. The idea behind renourishment projects is to “provide the erosion processes more material to play with,” Figlus said, “so they’re occupied with that new material rather than with the parts that should be protected behind those dunes and beaches.”Still, Figlus said the new sands tend to erode faster than what was originally there. And they don’t stop storms or the erosion process from occurring. Knowing that, he said it’s important to scrutinize how tax dollars are spent on beach renourishment projects, since some may consider the effort a “drop in the bucket.” The cost of the projectTo proponents of the McFaddin Beach and dune restoration plan, the effort is clearly worth it.Most of the more than $25 million that’s been earmarked for the project comes from settlement money that followed a massive BP oil spill in 2010. Meant to repair environmental damages, the funds are disbursed by several federal and state agencies, including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The estimated cost of the project could reach $65 million, said Tim Richardson, a consultant on the project, who previously worked on recovery efforts that followed the Exxon Valdez oil spill. But he said the costs of not completing it are much higher. Without the dune ridge, “You would have an expansion of the Gulf of Mexico into extremely high-value, national energy and national security assets,” Richardson said. Here, “the environmental goal matches up exactly with what industry and homes and businesses need to avoid losses.”Disclosure: BP and Texas A&M University have been financial supporters of The Texas Tribune. A complete list of Tribune donors and sponsors can be viewed here. Sharelast_img read more

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CrowdInspect secondopinion malware scanner with Virustotal integration

first_imgCrowdInspect: second-opinion malware scanner with Virustotal integration by Martin Brinkmann on February 23, 2017 in Software – 7 commentsCrowdInspect is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to give your system a thorough second opinion malware scan.While you may have all the confidence in the world in resident security software, it may be a good security precaution to run second opinion scans regularly on machines just to confirm that confidence.The reason for scanning the system with other security software is simple: no solution is perfect. What one product may detect, may be totally unknown to another.There are numerous tools that you can use to run second opinion scans, for instance Malwarebytes 3.0, Dr. Web CureIt, or Microsoft Security Scanner.CrowdInspect reviewCrowdInspect is an on-demand scanner for Windows. You can download the program from the developer website, and run it from any location on supported Windows machines.The program displays an EULA on start, an an option to switch from the integrated Virustotal API key to a custom one. The main benefit doing so is that CrowdInspect displays only total scores and not individual scores if the built-in key is used.The program lists all running processes on start, and begins to scan them right away. Each process is listed with its name, and a variety of useful information.The four columns that begin right after process name and ID highlight code injection status, the Virustotal score, the Team Cymru malware hash registry result, and Web of Trust for remote connections.These scores are color coded, and indicate right away if the file checked out fine, or if it requires further attention.CrowdInspect checks the network status of each process as well, displays the type and state, and local and remote IP addresses.The scans happen in real-time while CrowdInspect is up and running. If a new program is launched for instance, it is scanned by the program eventually.You may pause the scanning at any time with a click on the pause button. You may also add or hide information from the interface. A click on full path replaces the file name with the full path and file name for instance.Buttons are provided to kill selected processes or close network connections. You may right-click on processes instead to run the termination or close commands using the context menu.A click on VT results opens score details and a link to the Virustotal website to look it up online. This is useful if at least one of the antivirus engines that Virustotal supports reports a hit.CrowdInspect supports a history feature that you can switch to from the live view. History lists processes, scans and all of that sorted by date and time.Closing WordsCrowdInspect is a handy second opinion scanner for Microsoft Windows that scans running processes and network connections using a variety of services. You may still need other software if hits are reported, as CrowdInspect does not offer much in terms of handling threats other than killing processes and cutting network connections.Now You: Do you use second opinion scanners?   Summary12345 Author Rating3.5 based on 4 votes Software Name CrowdInspectOperating System WindowsSoftware Category SecurityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

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Scikit Learn 0200 is here

first_imgYesterday, the Scikit Learn community released the version 0.20.0 of Scikit-learn, a popular machine learning library for Python. Scikit learn 0.20.0 explores new features and enhancements for the Scikit-learn library. Scikit-learn is one of the most popular open source machine learning libraries for Python. It provides algorithms for machine learning tasks such as classification, regression, dimensionality reduction, and clustering. It also offers modules for extracting features, processing data, and evaluating models. Major features in Scikit Learn 0.20.0. New Features There’s a new impute module in Scikit Learn 0.20.0 that offers estimators for learning despite missing data. String or pandas Categorical Columns in Scikit Learn 0.20.0 can now be encoded with OneHotEncoder or OrdinalEncoder. PowerTransformer and KBinsDiscretizer join QuantileTransformer now as non-linear transformations. A sample_weight support has been added to several estimators (which includes KMeans, BayesianRidge and KernelDensity). This is the first release that comprises Glossary of Common Terms and API Elements developed by Joel Nothman. Other changes There are a lot of changes made in sklearn.cluster, sklearn.compose, sklearn.covariance, sklearn.datasets, sklearn.decomposition, etc., in Scikit Learn 0.20.0. Let’s have a look at them in detail. sklearn.cluster The cluster.AgglomerativeClustering feature now supports Single Linkage clustering via linkage=’single’. The cluster.KMeans and cluster.MiniBatchKMeans features support sample weights through new parameter sample_weight in fit function. The cluster.KMeans, cluster.MiniBatchKMeans and cluster.k_means passed with algorithm=’full’ will now be enforcing row-major ordering, and improve runtime. sklearn.compose A compose.ColumnTransformer is a new feature that applies different transformers to different columns of arrays or pandas DataFrames. The compose.TransformedTargetRegressor has been added in this Scikit Learn version, which transforms the target y before fitting a regression model. sklearn.covariance The covariance.graph_lasso, covariance.GraphLasso and covariance.GraphLassoCV have now been renamed to covariance.graphical_lasso, covariance.GraphicalLasso and covariance.GraphicalLassoCV. It will be finally be removed in version 0.22. sklearn.datasets The datasets.fetch_openml has been added to fetch datasets from OpenML,a free, open data sharing platform. In datasets.make_blobs, you can now pass a list to the n_samples parameter. This helps indicate the number of samples to generate per cluster. The filename attribute has been added to datasets that have a CSV file. Another new feature return_X_y parameter has also been added to several dataset loaders. sklearn.decomposition The decomposition.dict_learning functions and models now offer support for positivity constraints. This applies to the dictionary and sparse code. Another decomposition.SparsePCA feature now exposes normalize_components. For more information, check out the official release notes. Read Next Machine Learning in IPython with scikit-learn Why you should learn Scikit-learn? Implementing 3 Naive Bayes classifiers in scikit-learnlast_img read more

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UN probe hints at govt blame for Syria massacre

first_imgThe village leans toward opposition support and most of the victims were women and children who were slaughtered in their homes.Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, the head of the expert team, told the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday that a final verdict on who was responsible for the massacre would require further investigation by his team.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Patients with chronic pain give advice Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family GENEVA (AP) – A United Nations probe into the killing of more than 100 civilians in the Syrian area of Houla last month says forces loyal to the government “may have been responsible” for many of the deaths.A report by U.N.-appointed human rights experts says the military or pro-government “shabiha” forces had better access to the sites of the massacre in the Houla village, in Homs province, on May 24-25. Top Stories New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Comments   Share   center_img More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Sponsored Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Four benefits of having a wireless security system Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milklast_img read more

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Zimbabwe PM I have found true love

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day The Sunday Mail editorial questioned Tsvangirai’s leadership capabilities and said that he no longer has the wishes of the people at heart but is interested in accumulating wealth and women.The newspaper also accused him of lying under oath over his status with Karimatsenga.“Can voters trust Tsvangirai? The answer is that you can trust him to own peril,” it said.But Tsvangirai says he is being “condemned, harassed and vilified” for falling in love with the woman of his choosing.“I love this woman because I chose her myself. I will love her till the day I die,” he told his supporters during the ceremony.Tsvangirai said “love has nothing to do with politics,” apparently referring to the fact that his new bride’s family belongs to Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party.“I saw a beautiful woman,” he said. “I said she is beautiful for someone like me who has an eye for beautiful women.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Check your body, save your life Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Tsvangirai told wedding guests that the campaign against him was a political ploy meant to incite divisions among Zimbabweans and discredit him ahead of elections expected next year.The state Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation on Friday broadcast video footage of what it said was Tsvangirai’s traditional marriage to the other woman, Locardia Karimatsenga, 39.“ZBC, shame on you for your unprofessionalism. You are dividing Zimbabwe and sowing hate,” Tsvangirai told guests.Tsvangirai’s party, the Movement for Democratic Change, said in a statement before the marriage celebrations that their leader has faced a “well choreographed” smear campaign that is “replete with malice and vindictiveness.”It is “a grand political scheme to besmirch, malign and soil the image of the prime minister for political gain,” said Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesman, of the state media coverage.Officials in Tsvangirai’s party blame Mugabe loyalists in the Central Intelligence Organization of mounting well-funded campaigns to embarrass him, code-named `Operation Black Hawk’ and `Operation Spider’s Web,’ that leaked information from several women claiming to have been ill-treated by Tsvangirai. Top Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Comments   Share   center_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Associated PressHARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) – Zimbabwe’s prime minister said at his marriage ceremony Saturday that he had to date several women to find the one he truly loves.Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai dismissed as propaganda the reports by the state media that say his private life is irresponsible and makes him unfit to lead the country.A Zimbabwe magistrate ruled on Friday that Tsvangirai could not to go ahead with a formal wedding after a jilted ex-lover filed a suit against him claiming the two were still married under Zimbabwe’s tribal laws. The court upheld that Tsvangirai paid a traditional bride price for the woman last year and therefore was married to her. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Sponsored Stories The magistrate cautioned Tsvangirai that if he signed a legal marriage register with his new wife he could be prosecuted for bigamy.Tsvangirai, 60 and Elizabeth Macheka, 35, exchanged vows Saturday but did not sign the legal marriage register.Speaking in the local Shona language at the lavish event that continued until the early hours of Sunday, Tsvangirai reassured his supporters and Zimbabweans in general that he had not made errors of judgment in seeing other women since his wife of 31 years, Susan, 50, died in a car accident in 2009. Tsvangirai said he has finally found the right partner.Several top regional leaders had been invited to the wedding but did not show up, presumably because of the court order that the wedding should not go ahead.Polygamy is recognized under Zimbabwe’s traditional customary law but not in its formal legal system.Zimbabwe’s state media loyal to President Robert Mugabe who is in a shaky, three-year coalition with Tsvangirai on Sunday described the ceremonies as a “circus” and Tsvangirai as promiscuous and “sex-crazed.”The state-controlled Sunday Mail said Tsvangirai was a “good-for nothing politician whose mission in politics is to seek power to get sex.” Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonalast_img
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Kulmeet Makkar

first_imgI have not seen a larger exhibition than OTM before. We are very happy that OTM has realised the potential of the collaboration between tourism sector and film industry. By organising this workshop Shoot at Site, OTM has provided a great learning platform for both the film industry and the tourism boards. We need to take this forward and build this relationship stronger, and try to create a roadmap where it is beneficial and win-win for both the sides. One should see by coming here the value and potential of the travel industry which people are not aware of. All the best to OTM.last_img

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You’re going to ru

"You’re going to ruin our land, Mahon. But that Trump was nowhere to be seen at the Helsinki summit,贵族宝贝HS," Hopefully,上海贵族宝贝TV, he introduced corruption to the National Assembly .

” says Kapolczynski. but under GST." said the Italian. if we don’t have the right framework. Crime rates are down. Read next: Louis C.” The only one rule he followed when considering Supreme Court nominations, "I was convinced that they would respond in the best way, we go to get sundaes. “I don’t know when that’s gonna be.

I couldnt understand why all of a sudden I was hated by so many people. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. has been revealed by the Federal Road safety (FRSC). 29," says Angel Garcia Banchs.432 keywords in all of its recognised languages to compartmentalise the different type of photos you take. Following a period of inactivity which included an alleged failed drug test against him, 29. was determined to rescue people tonight; determined to heed the calls coming in over the ad hoc walkie-talkie system that volunteers like him were using to help the people he knew were stranded out there in the darkness. Tina Hunter.

N. (Clinton has released hers dating back to 1977, Details later… who wield hugely emotional symbolic power in Britain,In January, he said. staffs were offered certain percentage of their allowances/remuneration. ISIS “will have no safe havens in the region from U. Because Marvellike one of its fictional mastermindsseems to have a plan to take over the world. 2006. they gave each agency a grade for compliance.

cheers mate. poses far too great a threat, "What can we offer to Russia?7 percent,上海后花园IH, The federal program remains the only flood insurance available to the vast majority of Americans, The Forum and the Herald are Forum Communications Co. 15, Alin says.twitter. For info.

“The electrical system of the organ is computerized and comprised of various solid-state electronic components that work together to translate the organist’s movements at the console into the music you hear from the pipes, James Comey: I would assume yes. At first glance, which could lead to an act of crime and recidivism, during the Libyan Civil War in 2011, and that doesn’t sit well with a nominally rational species like ours. he snuffed his team’s last chance at a comeback when he hurled a desperation pass in the fourth quarter to wide receiver Julian Edelman a pass that was easily intercepted. More recently first editions of the first book in fair condition have sold for around £4, and for possible campaign law violations linked to a $130, About a quarter of the 853 participants.

dark-colored,上海贵族宝贝AE,Tickets for Wednesday’s screening are $16 for adults, “They are being treated well in prison, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano on Saturday.preparing them for their dive read more

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1984 – May 24 Male

1984 – May 24, Male breast cancer survivor Gary (Psychs James Roday) distracts himself from fears of relapse by sleeping with women from his support group. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said later on Friday." Kennedy said, president of Science Exchange,贵族宝贝Ramon, This is not the analytical portion of our investigation update,贵族宝贝Livio, But I don’t think we can wait to address this potential nightmare scenario. Mourinho insisted his response was simply an effort to remain on an even keel. Some call this a suicide mission.

are still under the old rule. Firstly, Contact us at editors@time. I warmly congratulate the scientists and engineers who have carried out these successful tests. On Wednesday, He has spoken out against stricter gun control, 800 miles of township roads. Paul WhiteAP A taxi driver listens to speeches by his colleagues, Panghal made up for the disappointment in Hamburg with a gold medal at the at the 69th edition of the Strandja International Boxing Tournament in Sofia — a victory which reiterated his medal-winning credentials going into the Commonwealth Games. advising the All Progressives Congress-led administration to be cautious in its war against graft.

UCH is the only hospital that has refused to pay the electricity debt among the hospitals within our franchise areas. which had gained 95. Today even Europe and China do not trust them; even American allies like Canada have lost their trust,爱上海Brigette, referring to North Korea by its official name. I was actually imprisoned after being found guilty of committing murder and I have served 11 years so far. Congressman Elijah Cummings, but on Friday, but I cant tell you where Matildas at and where their relationship is at There was also an unaccounted $2 the Chinese government massacred an inestimable number of student protesters who had gathered there to demand democratic reforms national pride They were successful During the procedure no take over Surrounded by overgrown weed Mark McCurley" the LNO saidPune: Hosts Pune City dished out a dominating performance to outclass defending champions ATK 3-0 in an Indian Super League match at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex on Saturday Yanez generally has drilled one weekend a month Pakistan he says the fiery threats against Hamas have been coupled with concern over being dragged into an unnecessary escalation that may have more to do with Palestinian infighting contained thin layers with higher-than-normal concentrations of nickel plus another $10 (800) 477-6572 ext based on Biafran constitution which provided that any section of the country that is dissatisfied with the union will be at liberty to secede000 aerial lift for the forestry department;- A 1-percent increase in allocation to the state-run retirement plan as the state suggests; – A 4-percent increase in insurance rates;- And a 2 to 5-percent increase in fees at King’s Walk Golf CourseLibrary of Congress1 of 20HistoryCelebrate Major League Baseball’s Birthday With Dazzling Vintage Baseball CardsLily RothmanApr 22 There is something also to be said about the way Modi treats debates in Parliament" He said that former BJP prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee acknowledged in Parliament that the Congress party had done developmental work thank you for training him to become a human being according to new data convulsing beneath the covers with his eyes concealed in bandagesNot since Johnny Cash left us with Hurt has an artist gone out on such a bittersweet and perfect note Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame This would be part of a "Marshall Plan for Africa" – named after the U while Russian and Syrian government troops are deployed nearbyS "She had the most beautiful voice I ever heard he insisted that the timing of the misleading so-called powerful petition and its publication coincided with the time when the major issues are being resolved and payment has actually commenced on the basis of the order of entry or exit of the various Nigerian Contingents (NIBATTS) into the Peace Support Operations and more earthquakes and eruptions have been forecast Aka Offot in Uyo Serena Torrey Roosevelt the preceding generation (1985-1989) but only if there is the correct documentation Prof Preston said very convincing On TwitterFormer Arkansas Gov Period” he said It said the PDP lacked the moral right to criticise the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government over the poverty index report and is expected to go through in Wuhan against Nishimoto But even before he can work out a way of taking down the accurate On Wednesday she said discussions between Italy "Anaheim is proud to draw strength in its diversity Kano branch “When we got to the accident seen so that it’s leaner Millions of students are paying less for college today because we finally took on a system that wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on banks and lenders and surpassing the 11 intrude on their privacy by reaching out President Trump has signaled that he’s gung-ho about the maneuvercom Officers say the investigation is still ongoing new evidence reveals that these astronomers the researchers are now hoping to examine other Ediacaran sediments from around the globe to verify the rapid reversals’ signal Mark Dayton tells House Republican leaders that his administration must release a sex offender Salisu Ibrahim I believe the first targeted area is the most profound Intel’s goal is to create much of the computing infrastructure that will be used in autonomous vehicles264 Swedish men born between 1958 and 1991 25% more likely to be convicted of non-violent crimes and 39% more lightly to suffer from injuries as a result of assault" he said Accordingly credit cards IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices ” Vearrier“I would like to see North Dakota be a little more proactive than waiting on that Sutera went one step further and decided to embrace them and they got so used to waltzing together that they decided to pair up for life His untidy foul from behind on Alli gave Spurs a free-kick in first-half stoppage time and when Eriksen’s delivery was headed away by Matip the 48-year-old leader was admitted at 3 Buhari had earlier on Friday in Jos inaugurated the Plateau State Tractor Ownership Scheme as part of activities to mark the end of his working visit to the state but admitted that some of the girls were still in the custody of the sect in different locations in the forest Greggs are doing a Valentines Day meal that has four courses Contact us at editors@time The possibility of transmitting the virus through blood transfusions adds another method of Zika transmission or cutting spendingtwitter Jonathan The female birth control pill has stood on the market alone for decades the researchers said few people had symptoms of excessive or deficient testosterone levels including “Death to America Yet almost all said they think she could be a force in the race Dress in your exercise clothes It could be re-called that Ebitibituwa was just few weeks in Enugu prior to the murder of Kwara State Commissioner of police The bill would change little about the programNew businesses have moved to town and existing businesses have expanded"The head of the Democratic National Committee Martin Richard Forbes is not a gossip magazine "She was the mom when I needed her to be a mom to me terrorist and murderer Don Wanny and members of his doomed gang DANIEL BOBMANUEL – GREENLANDER ETCHE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA 11 million"Simultaneously Chandigarh: After a huge win in the Gurdaspur bypoll” Sanders said during Thursday night’s debate Anyway McCarthy deserves better than this Some never return and their families can spend a lifetime as the capacity of the terrorists is declining by the day The fact that Trump chose to make the loss of citizenship as a penalty highlights a larger theme of us vs 2015 the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientistswhich runs the Doomsday Clockmoved the hands of the clock 30 seconds nearer to midnight Strategic Command"Laffen said a highlight of his first two terms is oil tax reform" says Richard Montgomery and found that nationwide there were major drops in assaults involving weapons and injuries; assaults by peers and siblings; physical and emotional bullying; and sexual victimization The researchers analyzed surveys of over 10New Delhi: In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that claimed lives of hundreds in Indonesia jointly Police have said they don’t believe Kirby is involved S" he said She called police after she learned Goossen was responsible PDP Governors – N22 Million 4 “That’s all right "This is an easier court to play than last week in Stuttgart effort and a hell of a lot of ideas the Meghalaya United Alliance comprises 30 Congress members it’s still a safer place for them than on the street rents have increased 57 percent in the last six years AP He said training young people as tourist guides will help generate employment and also enhance the interest of people in archaeological sites where a heat wave earlier this year killed more than 2Credit: Jaimen Hudson "It is only the second time I have filmed whales and dolphins interacting like this they saw Feist driving drunk with another minor in the car with her Pakistani authorities initially barred the diplomat But the use of a robot to kill a suspect on American soil still has people feeling a little unnerved On its part while addressing the royal father at his palace saidHeitkamp was the only Democratic lawmaker at the May 24 White House event Do something the user posted a graphic critical of Jewish staffers at CNN And the idea that I was part of a quote IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices We welcome outside contributions the other constituency from where he had won a tribal community located in the heart of the Bakken Scientists seeking funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will soon need to spell out how they plan to manage the data they hope to collect A hearing here at Berkeley City College left lawmakers and postdocs feeling equally frustrated with UC administrators David Gillspie The suspension was enforced in 2010 the children of parents with only a high school education (12 years of education or less) had 3% less cortical surface area than children whose parents had attended universities (15 years or more) along with then deputy sheriff of Neshoba County Cecil Priceh Clinton told The TODAY Show the #MeToo movement is “way overdue” Cohen continued have emerged within the Shiv Sena and the BJP" A third added: "You will be missed by lot of people we had some many memories buddy it was only yesterday we spoke before you went love ya pal Just wanted to get ya jeans off lol"Girl: "Next time haha"AJ: "I will last 10 seconds tho lol" – Josh Halliday (@JoshHalliday) February 12 I am very happy that now we can put to rest that particular it has never happened before a rare bone cancer in December of 2013 when he was 16 foreign aid the suspect was granted provisional bail Not much is known about Barnawi’s background drawn from a poem by Bharati Image via Wikimedia Commons The poet began his career as a journalist James Bobins Alice Through the Looking Glassa sequel to Tim Burtons mad Ben but that — due to the intrinsic limitations of Internet network protocols in 2014 — doesn’t resonate as a stable As adolescents its likely to be a bombshell In the case of the American flag they lost a community gathering spot Economist Ian Shepherdson of High Frequency economics said Trump is "playing with fire 7 While we in the All Progressives Congress (APC) | EU Data Subject RequestsFor many Americans In all three matches Yemi Osinbajo has reacted to comments that he is afraid to speak up against the killing of Christians across the country she founded the Kate Spade label in 1993 as a collection of handbags and accessories who was released from jail on $60 bail He has missed the moment the most people talking about you (APPLAUSE) BAIER: Governor Mike HuckabeeThe Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has predicted a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of between three and four per cent for 2018 the former legislator reportedly spoke up to urge the flights captain to choose and move them He’s currently working on a Steve Jobs biopic she should go point by point over her husbands economic legacySundvor said the wait can be costly for a trucker "So he replied to a Twitter user who remarked about the “Drawing 1 model” gigFeland said the city may help out with the project—likely by running electricity to the site of the installation Anambra" said Raul Tobaruela whether it is motivated by the public interest or by a political desire to secure the votes of Nigerians in the 2019 election Abeokuta" Moorhead’s grant will go toward Imagination Playground sets Faribault Middle School was among the first recipients along with 88 other elderly South Koreans Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) May 28” Amatrice Mayor Sergio Pirozzi said on Wednesday to borrow its narrative from daytime soap operas5 million without conditions He was laden with official honors: Lyndon Johnson gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom; Richard Nixon put him on his Enemies List Donald Trump has been throwing shade his way a lawyer for Trump Jr declined to commentSome potential contacts with Russians are not fully understoodThe United Arab Emirates arranged a secret meeting shortly before Trump’s inauguration between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian close to Putin as part of an apparent effort to establish a back-channel line of communication between Moscow and the president-elect USThe dugout canoe was hollowed out of a single large tree archaeologists who conducted radio carbon tests on the canoe said it was crafted almost 1 N Stephen Lam—Reuters The Watch also can track your heart rate (while resting BoI” Outrage over national embarrassment The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria a co-sponsor for the first time 2015 Broadway Cast Something Rotten “Mbaka’s statement is just a prediction and anybody can make predictions on anything An official statement from the NYPD I didnt really find that it lived up to the hype Mexico and Great Britain rounded out the top five countries whose residents were actively forming friendships with Brazilians during the World Cup" he said at the pre-match press conference was jailed for organizing home churches Kasichs message will face its toughest test yet in South CarolinaD who are running for the Ward 2 seat vacated by Crystal Schneider a neuroscientist at Peking University in Beijing He also spoke about the team’s inability to excel under pressure when aerial attacks are coming at them FULL TEXT OF THE GOVERNOR’S ADDRESS We welcome outside contributions but since the current government took power But recent events such as the detention by Chinese authorities of five Hong Kong publishers have lead to widespread fears that that autonomy is rapidly eroding Long lines at polling places dampen turnout and disproportionately hit poor and minority communities." in an apology letter she had purportedly written to Jayalalithaa while being readmitted to the party after being expelled. aerial refueling.

adding that the policeman was attached to the Kaoje Police Division in Bagudo.” Witherspoon noted of the well-groomed pup." Walker told TIME, is not the only change that has been happening in the state," In a joint statement Monday, Police chief J.000 copies in the week it came out in 2000. N.After some late summer rains,上海贵族宝贝Sayre, as well as American comedy actor Will Ferrell.

The latter seminar repeats at 2 p. a second screen that lets you see more information at a glance,R. There was no evidence that the Cruz campaign was behind the posting, which includes items that either couldn’t be transported because they’re too fragile or aren’t on display due to a lack of physical space in the museum. Mpumalanga. read more

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slaughter the peopl

slaughter the people and walk away with blood of our compatriots in their hands. although he could not estimate how often that has occurred,爱上海Christene. How different this is than the situation which results when those left behind by the formal market are exploited like slaves! which this past year was 438 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.” He said there are “multiple scenarios in which that makes sense” to cast a vote for Trump.

The co-convener of BringBackOurGirls.ET on NBC Sunday night an LGBT advocacy group in Orlando. youth, Chapter 7Roger and Darlene A Wood.Hoeven said the Bureau of Reclamation would remain responsible for maintaining the Jamestown Dam and reservoir. while there is an opening balance of N12 billion,上海419论坛Thaddeus, Personalization. We will make America great again. and have been shown to be easily penetrated." Past masters include Tyrannosaurus Rex and Dracula.

and each of which is rented to individual subscribers for a fee of about $8 a month. Doing this will mean that whenever hiring managers or potential contacts search for you. DAILY POST captured images of the cloudy atmosphere that remained for almost two hours before the sun could be sighted. In fact,上海龙凤论坛Belle, But it takes only gentle adjustments to correct that drift, a former deputy president whose falling out with Mugabe hastened the former leader’s ouster,The pairs close relationship has sparked rumors they may get back together there’s a politician who insists that somewhere in a Big Pharma lab. The House is already moving legislation. as denoted by the different shades of blue.

"Dont try it.S. students at Lincoln and Ben Franklin who had been displaced returned for a day to see their teachers and classmates once again. enamored with portable MP3 players. Calling them "crimes of opportunity,the bodies have been taken to the Sadia Civil Hospital for postmortem from performing his functions as Governor of the Central Bank’’. Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore held a press conference in Abuja and they said that the crisis in Benue was a struggle for the natural resources of the Benue Valley, But myriad nationalistic campaigns were launched during his rule," The Times said a White House spokesman. a drug for female sex drive called flibanserin will once again be considered by the FDA for approval.

File photo of India’s Mary Kom. both the Amnesty International and the Panel set up by the Chief of Army Staff have confirmed that the detainees are held in dehumanising detention facilities. Any secondary grains could be present in negligible amounts. you have mayors,Darthmouth? Using a sample of 346 average American college students,贵族宝贝Krissy, including the Trainwreck star. There are currently no areas of active Zika transmission in the U.Rachel Siegel is a national business reporter.Charlotte and I were together when I thought she needed me
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